10000mAh Mi Wireless Power Bank

Suitable for air travel

Wireless charging, anytime, anywhere, all in one step
Cables not required, can be used for phones with cases*

  • Fast 10W Wireless Charging

    One-step charging,
    no cables required*

  • Charge up to 3 devices at once

    Charge 1 device wirelessly
    + 2 via USB

  • Suitable for air travel

    Smart chip
    ensures safety

  • Qi wireless charging standard

    Can also be used with
    Apple and Samsung phones

Charge 3 devices at once
Wireless or wired,
it's always fast charge

Equipped with 10W wireless fast charging and two 18W high-speed single port outputs*. Supports the Qi protocol for wirelessly charging for mobile devices while simultaneously charging wired devices such as cameras, gaming consoles, and MacBooks.

  • Wireless Charging

  • USB-A cable

  • USB-C cable

High-power 10W Wireless output
A new age of high-speed portable charging

Your portable charger becomes a desktop wireless charger, anytime, anywhere. Wider induction range—start charging your mobile phone with just a light tap. Vertical induction distance of 5 mm, can be used with back cover.

  • 2h

    Full charge for Mi 9*

  • 3h20min

    Full charge for iPhone Xs

18W USB-C dual fast-charging port
Charging, self-charging, it's all one step faster

Supports maximum power of 18W for fast charge, substantially reducing charging time.
Output through built-in smart chip discerns between power required on different devices, supports PD and QC3.0
Charges mobile phones and tablets using QC2.0, BC1.2, and Apple charging protocols.

  • 1h25min

    Full charge for Mi 9*

  • 1h55min

    Full charge for iPhone Xs

Qi-certified for smart compatibility
Also compatible with other smartphone brands (Apple, Samsung)

Complies with the wireless charging standards issued by the Wireless Power Consortium, enabling it to charge even more Qi compatible wireless charging smart devices.

2 mobile phones + 1 camera
One-time charge*
Large 10000mAh battery

Employs high quality lithium ion polymer battery, to provide plenty of power to mobile devices, tablets, digital cameras and other smart devices and guarantee long-lasting charge for work or everyday use.

Charge wirelessly on the go
One fix for everything

The Mi Wireless Power Bank is a tabletop wireless charger and a portable charger, helping you stay charged wherever you go.

Aluminum alloy metal cover protects against falls and bumps
Comfortable grip, equally attractive and functional

The integrated metal cover provides high resistance and protection from falls and bumps. Fits in one hand and offers a comfortable grip thanks to its curved design. The charging panel features a slip resistant, soft-touch coating.

Over 100 million users trust in our quality*
Smart foreign object debris (FOD) detection system—Safety protection in 9 categories

Employs high-precision capacitance and inductance sensors, and advanced circuit chips to upgrade the conversion rate, while simultaneously offering multi-protection for circuits. Easily tackles overcharging, over-discharge, overheating, short circuits and any other anomaly. Smart FOD foreign metal object detection—effectively prevents high output and overheating due to accidental placement of keys, coins or other metal objects on the charger. In accordance with international aviation standards*, this item can be carried on aircraft.

  • Temperature protection

  • Output short circuit protection

  • Reset

  • Input overvoltage protection

  • Protection against foreign metal objects

  • Output overcurrent protection

  • Output overvoltage protection

  • Overcharge and over discharge protection

  • Hardware battery level
    Overvoltage short circuit protection

Supports wireless fast charging up to 10W: Mi wireless charging mobile devices 10W MAX wireless fast charge, Apple wireless charging mobile devices 7.5W MAX charging speed, any other wireless charging mobile devices supporting the Qi wireless charging protocol 5W charging.
All mobile devices, cameras and other devices mentioned above must be purchased separately.
Capable of charging phones with cases: wireless charging at a vertical induction distance of 5 mm; mobile devices with a back cover thickness exceeding the vertical induction distance are not compatible for wireless charging, mobile devices with a metal back cover are not compatible for wireless charging; please place phones with any uncommonly shaped cases onto the charging device carefully to prevent the mobile device from sliding off of the wireless charger.
One-step charging: To utilize the wireless charging function, the user must enable wireless charging and lightly press the button. For further details please consult the user guide.
Charging power: The maximum output for wireless fast charging alone is 10W; USB-C single-port output and input reaches a maximum of 18W, USB-A single-port output reaches a maximum of 18W, simultaneous use of two output ports reaches a maximum of 15W.
Charging time data: From ZMI labs, testing report no.: PLM11ZM-20190130; testing may contain discrepancies or deviations due to objective environmental changes.
Simultaneously charges 2 mobile phones +1 camera: data from ZMI labs, testing report no.: PLM11ZM-20190212; devices used during testing are one Mi 9, one iPhone 8 mobile phone and one Mi Sphere Camera Kit. Testing may contain discrepancies or deviations due to objective environmental changes.
Over 100 million users trust in our quality: as shown by statistical data from Xiaomi between January, 2014 and December, 2018.
In accordance with international aviation standards: single portable charging device with a capability of less than 100Wh, passed UN38.3 testing. UN38.3 test reports from the China Electronic Standardization Institute (CESI) laboratories, report no.: S18-B0846.