Xiaomi Launch September 2023
Xiaomi Launch September 2023
Xiaomi Launch September 2023
Masterpiece in sight
Xiaomi Launch September 2023
26.09.2023 | 20:00 GMT+8
For masterpieces of everyone,
for moving second in sight,
Xiaomi brings you Authentic Leica Imagery.
Xiaomi Launch September 2023
The Summicron lens co-engineered by Xiaomi and Leica improves optical quality at its core, preserving your most authentic moments.
Ultra-high resolutionAccurate and rich colorsTrue representation of light and shadow
Inheriting Leica's color science and tone processing techniques to give your masterpieces a unique aesthetic.
Xiaomi Launch September 2023
Customize tone, tonality and texture to create your own Leica style
Xiaomi Launch September 2023
Two Leica Photographic styles, one-click masterpieces
Xiaomi Launch September 2023
Customize tone, tonality and texture to create your own Leica style
Xiaomi Launch September 2023
Two Leica Photographic styles, one-click masterpieces
More powerful than you can imagine, elevating the flagship imagery experience.
Xiaomi Launch September 2023
120W HyperCharge*Explore endlessly
Xiaomi Launch September 2023
IP 68 water and dust resistance*Shoot without fear
Xiaomi Launch September 2023
1TB storage*Create anytime, anywhere
Pre-order the Xiaomi 13T Series and get exclusive offers!
Xiaomi Launch September 2023
Free exclusive gift
Pre-order Xiaomi 13T Series and get an exclusive product for free.
Xiaomi Launch September 2023
24 months warranty
24 months warranty for Xiaomi 13T Series from the phone activation date.
Xiaomi Launch September 2023
6-month free screen replacement
One free screen repair within first 6 months after purchase for Xiaomi 13T Series.
Xiaomi Launch September 2023
*120W HyperCharge only available on Xiaomi 13T Pro.
*The device is certified to be water and dust resistant exclusively under specific laboratory conditions not corresponding to normal use conditions. The warranty does not cover liquid damage caused by conditions other than test conditions. Ingress protection might deteriorate due to wear and tear, physical damage and/or disassembly needed for repair. For more information, please see Xiaomi official website.
*1TB configuration is only available on Xiaomi 13T Pro and in some selected regions. Please contact the retailers before purchase.
*Xiaomi BioComfort vegan leather is available only on blue variant.
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Dear Xiaomi Fans:
I'm delighted to announce that Xiaomi 13T Series will be launched soon!
Xiaomi's outstanding collaboration with Leica on imagery technology has been highly praised. This time, we are incorporating it into Xiaomi 13T Pro and Xiaomi 13T, dedicated to bringing you Authentic Leica Imagery.
I sincerely invite you to watch the launch livestream at 2pm (GMT+2) on Sep. 26th at mi.com!
Lu Weibing
Partner and President of Xiaomi Group
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Join Xiaomi Launch September 2023 - Masterpiece in sight
Livestream at https://www.mi.com/ph/event/2023/xiaomi-launch-september-2023
Xiaomi 13T Series co-engineered with Leica, elite products from smart watch to pad, all in the livestream https://www.mi.com/ph/event/2023/xiaomi-launch-september-2023
Click to watch the livestream now
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