Mi Router 4A Gigabit Edition

Mi Router 4AGigabit Edition
Dual-Core Full Gigabit AC1200 RouterDual-core CPU | Gigabit Network Ports | 4 High-Gain AntennasAnti-hacking Security | Child Safety Features रू 3,999

4 omni-directional
high-gain antennas
Large memory
Dual Core
Network ports
*1167 Mbps is the theoretical maximum wireless signal rate for concurrent 2.4 G and 5 G dual-band; the actual rate will vary based on the surrounding environment.
Fibre-optic full-gigabit router delivers faster connection speeds
Fibre-optic full-gigabit for high-speed broadband over 100 MbpsThe Mi Router 4A Gigabit Edition features one gigabit WAN port and 2 gigabit LAN ports, easily achieving network speeds of 100 Mbps and above. Compared with 100-megabit ports, this allows you better utilise every megabit of bandwidth.
1000 Mbps1000 Mbps
Optical modemGigabit network port
1000 Mbps100 Mbps
Optical modem100-megabit network port
Dual-core CPU for faster connection speedsFeatures dual-core quad-threaded processors with a single-core clock speed of up to 880 MHz for powerful performance that easily supports gigabit network ports and gigabit dual-bandWi-Fi data transmission for a smoother online experience.
Dual- Core, Quad-ThreadProcessor
Main frequency
Wireless dual-band 1167 Mbps for faster and smoother internet connectionsThe dual concurrent bands, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, do not create interference, and offer wireless connection speeds of up to 1167 Mbps. The 2.4-GHz band transmits over greater distances for better coverage and better performance through walls; the 5-GHz band uses 802.11ac technology to reduce interference and boost connection speeds, for a smoother experience when watching HD videos and playing online games.
Dual-band integration with one Wi-Fi name eliminates confusionThe Mi Router 4A supports dual-band integration, combining the 2.4-GHz and 5-GHz bands under one Wi-Fi name.No more having to worry about which Wi-Fi to connect to 2.4-GHz band offers better transmission through walls, while the 5-GHz band delivers higher speeds.The dual-band device automatically selects the optimal frequency.You must log in to the web management interface to activate this feature.
The 4 precision-tested external omni-directional high-gain antennas have been carefully designed and arranged to maximize transmission performance, even in more complex environments.
Integrated signal amplifier ensures good Wi-Fi signal over a wide coverage areaThe 2.4-GHz and 5-GHz wireless chips each feature an integrated power amplifier (PA) and low noise amplifier (LNA). The PA effectively enhances signal transmission power, while the LNA improves signal reception sensitivity. This allows the signal to be transmitted over greater distances, better pass through walls and cover a wider area.
Large 128-MB memory supports stable connections for up to 128 devices*Smart Home Era Ensure a stable connection for each and every connected device
The smart error correction algorithm improves weak signals for greater stability and efficiency.The 5-GHz frequency band supports low-density parity code (LDPC) code to correct errors. This reduces interference during data transmission and significantly increases Wi-Fi signal coverage for more efficient data transmission.
Wider coverage areaSmart error correction algorithmData transmission resistant to interference
Keep your kids safe online by managing the time they spend online and the content they seeYou can set time limits for Internet access by specific devices and set which websites your children can visit, to protect them when they go online.
Receive instant notifications when someone accesses your network and block them in one stepThe Mi WiFi app will notify you when an unfamiliar device connects to the network.
Internet settings that both parents can configureQuick and easy Internet settings, simple enough for parents to use
Search for and connect to the "xiaomi_XXXX" wireless network without a password.Go to router.miwifi.com to enter the broadband account information and complete the set-up.
See the Mi Router 4A Gigabit Edition User Manual for more details.
Smart app offers remote control and a wide range of featuresThe Mi WiFi app includes useful features like Wi-Fi optimization and anti-hacking protection, and it lets you easily manage your router and any linked devices, so you can control them remotely from anywhere. Check out the MiWiFi app now to experience even more useful features.
Wi-Fi Optimization One-click detection for improved network performance
Anti-Hacking Protection Actively intercept and eliminate the threat of unauthorized access to your network
Device Management Set Internet access time limits and limit accessible websites
Health Mode Set a timer to regularly turn off your Wi-Fi for a healthier lifestyle
Upgrade Assistant Automatically detects updates to ensure an optimal experience
Powerful cooling to guarantee safe operation at all timesThe chassis employs broad-surface aluminium-magnesium alloy heat sinks and high-conductivity thermal paste and large vents on the bottom to effectively improve the cooling efficiency of the whole unit. The rear panel has added cooling vents to facilitate air flow. This conducts heat away from the internal components to the outside, ensuring the long-term reliable operation of the device.
Eco-friendly casing protects the environmentThe outer casing and packaging of the Mi Router 4A Gigabit Edition are made of recyclable and environmentally friendly materials, reducing damage to the environment, so that we can protect our precious planet.
Rigorous testing in pursuit of excellence in quality
Power supply stability test:≥ 220,000 times(Four scenarios and 20 prototypes’ cumulative times powered on and off)
Testing in a challenging environment: ≥ 1000 hours(Six scenarios and four prototypes’ cumulative tests)
Hardware structural reliability testing:≥6 times(Drop test: marble floor, height 1 meter)
Memory stress test: ≥180,000 times(20 prototypes' cumulative number of read and write operations)
Flash memory reliability test: ≥ 100,000 times(Flash continuous read and write test)
*The above data is from Xiaomi Laboratory test results.
Collaborations with authoritative international test instrument manufacturers ensure router stabilityWe work with renowned test equipment manufacturers, such as Spirent and lxia, to simulate various household scenarios and extreme conditions in large-scale tests to ensure that the router can operate stably under a variety of conditions.
Simply designed to blend easily into a variety of home stylesThe router body has an understated geometric form and durable non-coated matte white plastic shell—simple and durable, aesthetically in harmony with the rest of your home.