Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Mi Portable Bluetooth SpeakerDynamic sound quality that goes everywhere you do Water and Dust Resistant | Long Battery Life | Bluetooth 5.0 | Dual Audio रू 2,699

Compact, portable and lightweightThe Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker is small enough to carry in a bag, or hold in the palm of your hand. Each speaker weighs only as much as a Mi 9 Pro mobile phone, so you can take your music anywhere, without feeling weighed down.
Sophisticated design hides everything but dynamic soundThe compact yet powerful design of the interior incorporates dual drivers with rare-earth magnets, a Canadian long-fibre diaphragm and a passive radiator allow the speaker to reproduce music with dazzling sound quality for maximum excitement and enjoyment.
  • Dual drivers with rare-earth magnetsPowerful magnets provide high sensitivity and realistic detail.
  • Canadian long-fibre diaphragmAppropriate damping suppresses cone break-up for clear and natural audio.
  • Passive radiator Enhances deep bass and low frequency reproduction for better sound texture.
IP67 rating* for peace of mindThe Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker is rated level 5 for dust and water resistance, meaning that the internal components are protected from sweat, rain and dust, so you can feel safe taking it anywhere.
10-hour battery for longer-lasting enjoymentEnjoy up to 10 hours* of music on a full charge with the large 2000 mAh battery. USB-C charging port supports up or down plug orientation for faster and easier charging. More power and longer battery life means your music lasts longer when you go out.
Bluetooth 5.0 for fast, stable connectionsEnjoy wireless freedom with the integrated Bluetooth 5.0 chip, which ensures compatibility with a wide range of devices, a stable signal, fast transmission speed and powerful interference mitigation.
Dual audio* for stereo soundThe Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker supports true wireless stereo connection. This allows you to combine two speakers into a wireless stereo configuration, with the two speakers serving as the right and left sound channels, for a more impressive listening experience.
Clearer sound for better conversationsAnswer and hang up calls with one touch, and enjoy clear, natural sound in calls thanks to the built-in microphone with high sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio, plus integrated echo cancellation.
*Dust and water resistance testing institution: Shenzhen Academy of Metrology and Quality Inspection; Test report: WTI96003463. *Speaker battery life test conditions: speaker can play music for up to 10 hours in Single mode at 60% volume on a full charge. The data may vary based on environmental and usage conditions. Testing institution: MORLAB Laboratory. Report number: SZ19110107A01. *Dual audio connection requires that both connected devices have this capability. The Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker is sold as a single speaker; two may be purchased in order to use the dual audio connection function. For the best wireless stereo experience, it is recommended to place the two connected speakers 0.5 to 1.2 metres apart. *Ensure that the charging port is free of liquid and foreign objects before charging. To prevent water from entering the charging port, tightly close the rubber charging port cover when using the speaker. *If the speaker gets wet, dry it off as quickly as possible, to keep it working and in good condition.