See the world in a different lens

Top-range 13MP rear camera

The world views your daily life largely through the lens of your smartphone camera, and we know how important that is. That's why Redmi Note 2 is fitted with a top-range 13MP rear camera that counts Samsung as one of its key suppliers. Focusing takes 0.1s with Phase Detection Autofocus (PDAF), a technology universally found in DSLR cameras. Capture your selfies, smiles, food, travels and life in vivid color and amazing detail. Crop, share, and watch the likes roll in.

Technical specs will remain constant, even though suppliers may change.

  • f/2.2 aperture
  • 78° wide-angle
  • 5 element lens
  • 1080 p full HD

Stays sharp, stays focused

Ultra-fast 0.1s Phase Detection Autofocus

A lot can happen in a fraction of a second. That's why it takes just 0.1s for Phase Detection Autofocus (PDAF) in Redmi Note 2 to kick in and focus sharply. Like the human eye, PDAF locks down on a central focal point through masked pixels from the image sensor and doesn't have to adjust the lens over and over. Redmi Note 2 lets you shoot birds darting across the sky, cars speeding down a track, and of course, that perfect jump shot.

Raw, natural beauty

Natural colors and High Dynamic Range

Soak in nature's true-to-life color palette captured on Redmi Note 2's camera. The image sensor produces 30% less interference between pixels than traditional sensors, so pictures pop with stunning color fidelity and clarity. The sensor also improves exposure latitude, allowing for breathtaking high dynamic range (HDR) shots.

  • Regular phone cameras
  • Redmi Note 2

Snap like a pro

Dozens of built-in
camera features

There are a dozen things you can tweak and adjust before hitting that shutter button - photography enthusiasts will understand. Make use of several built-in features like Manual, Scene and HDR modes and more. The whole experience is almost like using a professional camera. Select from a range of built-in filters too, no separate apps required.

  • Manual mode
    Fully customizable settings
  • Beautify
    Brings out the beauty in you
  • Scene mode
    Perfect for every situation
  • Filters
    12 different options
  • Timer
    Tap and strike a pose
  • Panorama
    Widen your horizons

Direct your life's movie

1080p FHD video recording

Hindsight is 1080p. Time spent while we're young, wild and free make perfect memories. Record them with 1080p FHD so you can hit replay for as long as you want. Take slow-mo videos at up to 120fps or shoot a time-lapse of the sunset. There are so many creative and artistic ways of video recording built into Redmi Note 2, you just have to decide how you want to tell your story.

  • 1080 p

    Full HD

  • 120 fps


  • 30 fps


Put your best face forward

5MP front camera with Beautify

Selfies are kind of a big deal.
That's why Redmi Note 2 has an OmniVision 5MP front camera with f/2.0 aperture for bright, clear selfies. No makeup? No problem. Beautify adds subtle magic to smoothen skin, slim the chin and brighten eyes. A countdown timer lets you focus on the perfect angle instead of fiddling with the shutter button. It's everything you need for that perfect #selfie. So just relax, put your best face forward, and let Redmi Note 2 take care of the rest.

Technical specs will remain constant, even though suppliers may change.

  • 5MP
  • f/2.0 aperture

36 smart beauty profiles

Each face is unique and different. That's why Beautify is so much more than your average beauty filter. It intelligently guesses age and gender to apply one of 36 smart beauty profiles. Complexion and skin details are assessed to reduce blemishes, eye bags and more. What's important is that these changes are subtle, so you still look and feel like you.

  • Face recognition

    Recognizes faces for a precise focus, also guesses age and gender

  • Quick exposure adjustment

    Increases or reduces exposure based on lighting conditions

  • Selfie timer

    Counts down so you don't have to fiddle with the shutter button