Mi VR Play

Virtually anything is possible

Discover a whole new reality

  • Immersive experience

  • Innovative design

A world without borders

VR goggles up!

Cinema theatres are not the only way to supersize your viewing experience. With
Mi VR Play, all you need is a compatible smartphone and optional headphones to
awaken the senses. Explore this next-level reality from the comfort of your living room.

Designed for serious play

Carefully designed and crafted from quality materials.
Mi VR Play is full of innovation that extends from
product design to the smallest details.

  • Sealed with a zip

    Unique two-way zipper locks in phone securely, more so than conventional slots and phone clips.

    Lightweight Lycra

    Mi VR Play is wrapped in smooth, lightweight, durable Lycra for long-lasting comfort.

  • Dual front openings

    Once the phone is zipped in, dual front openings allow for slight positioning adjustments and ventilation.

    Adapts for most phones

    Compatible with most regular and plus-sized phones with displays ranging from 11.9cm (4.7) to 14.5cm (5.7).

  • Anti-reflective lens

    For the best image clarity, the optical-grade aspheric lens has a high tolerance interval of 0.01mm.

    Textured metal button

    Interactions happen most on the textured metal button - the sturdiest component on Mi VR Play. When pressed, a high-responsive conductive silicone button inside makes direct contact with your phone.

  • Anti-slip strips

    Internal rubber strips restrict phone movement and act as a guide for phone alignment.

    Prevents accidental presses

    Rubber strips are slightly elevated at each end to prevent accidental home and menu button presses.

Virtually anything is possible

Time travel or jet set to a world with endless possibilities on Mi VR Play.


Phone compatibility

Min. size
Typical size
Max. size

11.9cm (4.7)
14.0cm (5.5)
14.5cm (5.7)

Measures 138.1mm x 67.0mm
Measures 155.1mm x 77.6mm
Measures 158.1mm x 77.8mm


Lycra fabric (nylon + spandex), Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA)