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Xiaomi Exchange FAQ

Q7. Can I exchange more than one device towards a purchase?
No. You may only exchange one device at a time.

Q8. What’s the bill value when I avail the Exchange Offer?
The invoice sent to the customer will have the final adjusted amount.

Q9. Can I combine other ongoing offers (prepaid/ bank/wallet etc.) with mi exchange?
Yes, you can avail all the ongoing offers along with Mi Exchange as long as the applicable conditions are met.

Q10. Can I provide one address for pick up and another for delivery?
No. As the pickup and delivery happen simultaneously, the address needs to be the same.

Q11. In case I wish to return the new phone I bought in the Exchange Offer, will my old phone be shipped back to me?
Unfortunately, the old phone cannot be shipped back to you.

Q12. Can I hand in a different phone for Exchange?
You can only exchange the phone for which you have provided details.

Q13. Any reminders before I exchange my phone?
Kindly ensure all your data is backed up and cleared from your old phone before exchange. You may also remove the memory card. Xiaomi or its affiliates will not be responsible for any misuse as a result. In the event the device is not working or the delivery executive is not able to do an unlock check or screen lock check / IMEI check due to a phone being “factory reset”, the exchange might not go through at the doorstep.