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Reward Mi FAQ

Reward MI

Q1. What is Reward Mi?

Reward Mi, an official reward program, recognizes and rewards its’ loyal fans with exclusive benefits such as priority passes a.k.a F-codes and discount coupons which can be redeemed on selected products across Mi Store.

Q2. How do I join Reward Mi Program?

It’s simple. Just follow the link mentioned below, go through the terms and conditions and click accept. We reward every member of the Reward Mi program with 50 Mi Tokens as a welcome gesture.

URL: Join Reward Mi

Q3. What are Mi Tokens?

Mi Tokens are points acquired on Mi Store through shopping, sharing of product pages & it’s reviews, participating in Mi events and more. Once you have acquired a certain numbers of Mi Tokens, you can redeem them to get F-Codes or Discount Coupons. Please note, F-codes and Discount Coupons once generated cannot be returned or cancelled to reclaim Mi Tokens.

Q4. How do I earn Mi Tokens?

All users who are part of Reward Mi program will receive Mi Tokens for following activities

Shopping: For each transaction on, users get 10% of the transaction value as Mi Tokens. Tokens will be received upon successful delivery of the product For e.g. If you purchase a Mi device worth ₹10,000, you will get 1,000 Mi Tokens i.e. 10% of the total transaction value. Users will get Mi Tokens against the order placed from the website or the Mi Store app. Orders placed from Mi Community or any other Mi app will not be considered for the issue of Mi Tokens.

Social Sharing: Share a product page or a its’ review available on Mi Store and get 5 points every day.

Others: Users can also receive Mi tokens for specific campaigns or events. We announce these activities through our official social media channels and

As a welcome gesture, if your purchased product(s) on Mi Store got delivered between May 1, 2017 (00:00 hours) to June 15, 2017 (23:59 hours), you will receive Mi Tokens equivalent to 10% of the total transaction(s) carried out by you during such period capped to 2000 Mi tokens per user

Q5. What are the benefits of Mi Tokens?

Mi Tokens can be redeemed to get F-codes or Discount Coupons in return. F-code is a priority code that allows you to add a Mi product to your shopping cart even when it is not in stock for other customers. Discount coupons help you attain a certain discount on the selling price of the product.

Q6. Can I transfer my Mi Tokens ?

No. But you can surely share F-Codes generated from your account with your family and friends. Discount coupons are linked to your account, hence only you can use them and are not transferrable.

Q7. When do my Mi tokens expire ?

Mi Tokens are valid for a period of minimum 12 Months and maximum 24 months. Tokens will expire based on following schedule:

Mi Tokens earned in Period Expiry Date
Before 31st Dec 2017 31st Dec 2018
1st Jan 2018- 31st December 2018 31st Dec 2019
1st Jan 2019- 31st Dec 2019 31st Dec 2020

Q8. How do I know how many Mi tokens I have?(where)

Users can go to the Reward Mi section to check the number of Mi Tokens acquired. Users can also see an activity-wise split for every Mi Token earned along with the expiry dates.

Q9. Can I return my F-code, coupons and reclaim my Mi tokens?

No. F-codes, Discount coupons once generated cannot be cancelled or returned to reclaim Mi tokens.

Q10. Is there a cap on how many tokens I can earn in a month?

In every calendar month, Users will get tokens for first 5 (delivered) orders. The first 5 orders will be considered based on order confirmation date

Q11. What happens if my order has multiple products and are to be delivered separately ?

In case an order includes sub-orders which are delivered separately, Mi tokens will be added upon successful delivery of each sub-order

Referral Program

Q12. How do I invite my friends to join

Existing users can invite by sending their unique link to friends and family. User needs to click on “invite friends” button available in the Reward Mi Accounts page "Get your unique link"

Q13. What are the benefits of referring friends on to

Additional Mi Tokens When your friend shop on, friend will get 10% of the transaction value as Mi Tokens and you will get 5% of the transaction value. Tokens will be received upon successful delivery of the product. For e.g. If friend purchase a Mi device worth ₹10,000, he/she will get 1,000 Mi Tokens i.e. 10% of the transaction value and you will get 500 Mi Tokens i.e. 5% of the transaction value

Top Referrals

Top 3 users who get maximum number of Mi tokens from referral every month will get amazing rewards. The winners and the rewards will be announced on the invite page. In case of a tie (i.e. more than 1 user gets the same amount of Mi tokens), the winners will be decided based on how quickly user has accumulated Mi tokens.

Winners will be announced end of every month on

New (referred) users will get an additional bonus of 50 Mi tokens upon joining the program.

Q15. Is there a limit to how many Mi tokens I can get using my friend's purchase?

Existing Users can get upto 1500 Mi tokens through referral

Q16. How many friends can I refer?

Unlimited, there is no cap on the number of users who can join using your unique referral link

Reward Mi Terms & Conditions: