Redmi Watch GPS


Watch Out
For More

3.56cm(1.4) Vibrant & Brighter
Full Touch Color display

Do more on one screen with 320x320 pixel resolution & 350 nits brightness.
Makes every glance at the watch worthwhile whether it’s Incoming calls, messages, or reminders.
The intuitive auto-brightness feature understands the environment and adjusts for you

Design that
cuts above the rest

TPU Skin friendly and ultra soft straps | Strong 2.5D Curved 35g

Let the watch speak for you

2400+ customised combinations
New look whenever you want

Be ahead of the trend by choosing from 200+ watch faces, 4 color straps and 3 options for watch cases that
lets you play with 2400+ customized combinations, one for every style you choose to pick

Now go for that run,
without your phone!

for precise navigation

Equipped with a Dual satellite positioning system with GPS+GLONASS
positioning and multiple smart sensors, the watch can accurately track
your trajectory, speed, distance and calories burnt precisely.
It can also measure any changes in heart rate, providing a clear picture of
your workout status.

satellite positioning





PPG sensor

What makes YOU move?

Choose from 11 Sports modes

Whether you like high or low-intensity workouts or prefer indoors over
outdoors, the Redmi Watch lets you choose from a wide range of sport
modes including Cricket & keeps track of your movement in real-time and
supports setting specific workout goals

Trail running



Indoor cycling

Pool swimming



Open water


Outdoor cycling

Outdoor running

Professional health monitoring
Keep track of your physical cond

24-hour heart rate monitoring

Equipped with a PPG sensor, the watch can accurately detect your heart rate 24
hours a day and notify you when your heart rate goes above normal levels. It
can also save your resting heart rate data for 30 days to help monitor long-term
heart rate changes.

Sleep monitoring

Analyze your sleep quality by recording complete sleep data such as deep sleep,
light sleep and sleep duration to help maintain good sleeping habits.

Guided breathing

Perform guided breathing exercise for 1 to 5 minutes at the set

Don’t stop yourself from diving deeper

5ATM water resistance

Track your movements and record your achievements with your
Redmi watch, which supports 5ATM water resistance - up to 50m
underwater. Wearing your smartwatch while Swimming or chilling
in the pool was never this easy.

Health check on one click

Works with Xiaomi Wear App

The watch records your daily heart rate, exercise, and sleeping

*Android users need to install the Xiaomi Wear app to connect the watch,
while iOS users need to install the Xiaomi Wear Lite app

Plug it, charge it,
forget it.

Up to 10 days of
battery life

100% charge in 2 hours



Typical usage mode*



Continuous GPS
sports mode

Features just as
many as you need

Calorie Counter

Steps Counter

Find my phone


Goal Settings

Calls Silence/ Reject


Music Control


Vibes with any style

Three watch cases and four straps in
fashionable colors, combine as you like

Watch Cases









*Cricket mode may be upgraded through OTA updates
*Customized watch face functions: Some watch faces support customized display content, so that you can choose to display your favorite or most frequently used functions on the watch
according to your needs.
*The Black, Ivory and Navy blue watch cases come with a strap of the corresponding color. The Olive and Pink straps must be purchased separately.
*All data on this page regarding charging and battery life are obtained from Xiaomi laboratories. Actual results may vary according to differences in software version, environment and
watch edition and may not reflect the actual product.
*Typical mode battery life data was measured as follows: The watch was set to default factory settings. Sleep monitoring, 30-minute interval heart rate monitoring and non-stop step
counting were enabled. Bluetooth received and displayed 100 notifications every day, two alarms were set a day, the locked display was turned on 50 times a day, and the watch data
was synced with a phone once a day. The watch also monitored one outdoor exercise session a week, lasting 35 minutes.
*1500+ is the maximum number of possible combinations, based on 100+ personalized watch faces that can be combined with three different colored watch cases and five different
colored straps.
* Images on this page are illustrations and the design of the real product may differ.