• 1.Can two SIM cards and SD card be used together?

    Yes, this device supports dual SIM cards and a dedicated SD card.
  • 2.Does Redmi 6 Pro have face unlock?

    Yes, the Redmi 6 Pro integrates AI face unlock.
  • 3.Can Redmi 6 Pro blur the background when capturing portraits?

    Yes, the AI portrait mode feature on the selfie camera as well as portrait mode on the rear camera will blur out the background to place the attention on the subject.
  • 4.What version of Android does Redmi 6 Pro have?

    The Redmi 6 Pro features Android 8.1 with MIUI 9.6 that can be upgraded to MIUI 10.
  • 5.What is a full-screen display in Redmi 6 Pro?

    All the Xiaomi phones with an 18:9 or 19:9 screen aspect ratio fall under the full-screen display category.
  • 6.Can I connect my pen drive to Redmi 6 Pro?

    Yes, this smartphone supports OTG.
  • 7.Does it have image stabilization of any kind?

    Yes, this smartphone provides Electronic Image Stabilization.
  • 8.Can I hide the notch?

    Yes, you can hide the notch in the ‘Full Screen Display’ option in Settings.