Xiaomi 14 Ultra
Xiaomi 14 Ultra
Welcome to the future of mobile photography with Xiaomi 14 Ultra! Prepare to embark on a journey where innovation meets professional imaging like never before.
Xiaomi 14 Ultra
Leica 50MP Quad Cameras
All-New 2.54cm(1) Sensor
f/1.63-4.0 Variable Aperture
Leica Dual Telephoto Cameras
12-120mm | 120x Zoom
Xiaomi 14 Ultra
LYT 900 2.54cm (1) Sensor
Dual ISO FusionFor higher dynamic range
Great low-light photography
Xiaomi 14 Ultra
Leica Fastshot"Street Photography" Mode
Comes with a rangefinder and preset parameters with multiple focal length support
Xiaomi 14 Ultra
Flagship Snapdragon® 8 Gen 3
Xiaomi Dual IceLoop
Cooling System
Xiaomi 14 Ultra
Professional-grade 2K 120Hz LTPO AMOLED
Quad-curved Display withDolby Vision®, Dolby Atmos3000-nits Peak Brightness
Xiaomi 14 Ultra
90W Wired HyperCharge
80W Wireless HyperCharge
Xiaomi 14 Ultra
Classic Timeless Design
Nano-tech Vegan Leather
IP68 Water and Dust Protection
Xiaomi 14 Ultra
Xiaomi 14 Ultra
Xiaomi 14 Ultra
Xiaomi 14 Ultra
Xiaomi 14 Ultra
A Classic
Timeless Design
with Leica Aesthetics
Professional camera-like design
Circular lens design
Minimalistic flat back
UnibodyMetal Body Structure
The Xiaomi 14 Ultra adopts a brand-new 6M42 integrated high-strength aluminum frame material, with the metal frame extending to the back of the body, doubling the rigidity compared to the Xiaomi 13 Pro. The reliable body ensures worry-free usage.
Xiaomi 14 Ultra
Xiaomi 14 Ultra
Nano Tech Vegan Leather
Comes with attributes like stain resistance, improved wear resistance, antibacterial properties, & environmental friendliness.
Xiaomi 14 Ultra
Ultra form factor & camera deco
Xiaomi 14 Ultra
IP68 Water & Dust Resistant
Xiaomi 14 Ultra
Xiaomi 14 Ultra
Pinnacle ofSmartphone Imagery
Usher in a new era of mobile imaging with Xiaomi 14 Ultra. Its exceptional optical capabilities result in spectacular photographs that include the perfect blend of light and shadow.
Xiaomi 14 Ultra
Leica 50MP Quad Cameras
Leica 23mm Primary
Leica 75mm Floating Telephoto
Leica 120mm Periscope
Leica 12mm Ultra-wide
LYT-900 50MP 3.2µm Super Pixel 14EV dynamic range ƒ/1.63 - ƒ/4.0 8P lens OIS
IMX858 50MP ƒ/1.8 6P lens OIS Floating telephoto lens 10cm macro photography
IMX858 50MP ƒ/2.5 OIS 30cm macro photography
IMX858 50MP 122˚ FOV ƒ/1.8 7P lens 5cm macro photography
Xiaomi 14 Ultra
Quad CameraSix Focal Lengths
The Leica quad camera system covers focal lengths from 12mm to 240mm across six focal ranges. Whether capturing distant or close-up details, all four lenses deliver a quality comparable to professional camera shots.
Xiaomi 14 Ultra
Xiaomi 14 Ultra
122° Leica ultra-wide
Xiaomi 14 Ultra
Variable aperture 1-inch main camera
Xiaomi 14 Ultra
2x zoom from main camera
Xiaomi 14 Ultra
Next-genLeica Summilux Lens
Xiaomi 14 Ultra's Leica Summilux optical lens features a large aperture and excellent optical performance. It not only captures beautiful detail in low-light environments, but also delivers outstanding color reproduction, contrast, and resolution.
8P Aspherical
High Transmittance Lens
Ultra high-order
polynomial lens
Lens edge ink
coating technology
Cyclic olefin copolymer
(COC) material
light filter
All-New Variable ApertureLYT 900 1" Sensor
Dual Native ISO Fusion MaxFor higher dynamic range
14EVUltra-high dynamic range
Xiaomi 14 Ultra
f/1.63-4.0Variable ApertureStepless light control
Leading optical technology allowing for precise control of light. Incorporating a state-of-the-art stepless light control system powered by a f/1.63-4.0 stepless variable aperture.
Make the subject stand out against
an incredible bokeh effect.
Leica 75mmFloating Telephoto Lens
Leica 75mm Telephoto Lens is the only one of its kind on a smartphone. The lens features focal shift technology that lets you shift the focus range from as close as 10cm to as far as infinity
Xiaomi 14 Ultra
The rear lenses move while focusing to help greatly expand the focus range
The floating lens moves backwards to achieve the closest focus of 10 cm.
The floating lens moves forward to achieve infinity focusing distance.
Xiaomi 14 UltraXiaomi 14 Ultra
Xiaomi 14 Ultra
Leica 120mm
Super Telephoto Lens
Leica 75mm Telephoto Lens is the only one of its kind lens on a smartphone. The lens features focal shift technology that lets you shift the focus range from as close as 10cm to as far as infinity. The lens also features the incredible capability of a 70x zoom
Xiaomi 14 Ultra
Leica 122°Ultra-Wide Lens
Make space for all that you want and then some more. The 122° field of view on the ultra-wide lens ensures you can capture it all. This 50MP Lens features a 12mm equivalent focal length and a large f/1.8 aperture that helps it capture more light and give your images great clarity and details.
Xiaomi 14 Ultra
Quad camera withUltra Night mode
Extended focal lengths & rangefinder
Extendable to 23mm, 28mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, and 135mm
0.7s fast capture speed
Take photos faster and create your masterpiece anytime, anywhere.
Xiaomi 14 Ultra
Xiaomi 14 Ultra
A ClassicLeica
We have taken a great leap with Leica to bring you the future of smartphone photography backed with years of legacy, science, and efforts.
Two Photography Styles
Choose between Leica authentic for original Leica tones and immersive colours, and Leica vibrant for brighter tones and more eye-catching images.
Xiaomi 14 UltraXiaomi 14 Ultra
photography styles
Adjust photo parameters such as tone and tonality independently for incredible image quality with customized photographic styles.
Xiaomi 14 Ultra
MasterPortrait Lens System
Xiaomi 14 UltraXiaomi 14 UltraXiaomi 14 UltraXiaomi 14 Ultra
Leica Filters
Choose between 6 different Leica filters that provide a variety of expressions and options
Xiaomi 14 UltraXiaomi 14 Ultra
Leica Natural
Suitable for
Leica Vivid
For focusing on
artistic creations
Leica BW Natural
Clear and powerful
Leica BW
High Contrast
Full of emotion
Leica Sepia
Warm retro
Leica Blue
Cool nostalgia
Xiaomi 14 Ultra
4K SelfieRecording
The all-new selfie camera supports video recording up to 4K 60fps to capture your favorite moments in the best way possible.
Xiaomi 14 Ultra
Professional mobile film studio
Everything you need at your disposal. A full range of powerful professional video recording functions to spark your creativity.
Dolby Vision® HDR technology
Outstanding recording and playback
8K video across all focal lengths
Amazing details with more scope
Xiaomi ProFocus
Achieve fast and stable focus tracking
Director mode
Brand new professional video recording experience
Wireless monitoring
Support up to four cameras and four monitors
10bit LOG
With support for importing custom LUTs
Xiaomi 14 Ultra
4 Mic Array
This surround-sound, three-dimensional microphone setup enhances audio capture capabilities, faithfully reproducing the immersive on-site auditory experience, achieving studio-quality recording effects.
Xiaomi 14 Ultra
Adobe Camera RAW
Developed for professional creators
Ultra RAW mode now handles 16-bit RAW files, with DNGs calibrated by Adobe Labs. Adobe Lightroom or Camera RAW optimize photos automatically, providing pros with top-notch image quality for easy editing.
Xiaomi 14 UltraXiaomi 14 Ultra
Ultra PerformanceFrom The House Of
Xiaomi 14 Ultra
TSMC process
CPU performance*
GPU performance
AI performance
Xiaomi 14 Ultra
LPDDR5X8533Mbps ultra-high speed data transmission
UFS 4.0With a reading speed of up to 4.0GB/s
XiaomiDual IceLoop Cooling System
An all-new liquid cooling system, supporting the overall device cooling experience while adding a dedicated thermal loop for the camera. This efficient design ensures optimal thermal performance for your daily usage and professional photography needs, delivering an overall cooling experience.
Xiaomi 14 Ultra
Xiaomi 14 Ultra
Xiaomi 14 Ultra
Immerse Yourself in aUltra Display
An UnparalleledFlagship Display
68 billion
522 ppi
color depth
1-120Hz LTPO
Pro HDR display
Reduced eye fatigue
wide color
AdaptiveSync Pro
Dolby Vision
DC dimming + 1920Hz PWM
Multi-device color synchronization
Xiaomi 14 Ultra
ImmersiveMultimedia Experience
The HDR10+ and Dolby Vision, Atmos support further enhance the colors and sound experience to giving you a theatre-like experience, each time.
Xiaomi 14 Ultra
Xiaomi 14 Ultra
Xiaomi 14 Ultra
Xiaomi Shield Glass Protection
This glass incorporates all-new materials, forming an interlocking structure through high-temperature sintering. While maintaining transparency, it surpasses regular glass in strength, boasting a 10x improvement in drop resistance*. *Compared with Xiaomi 13 Ultra.
Xiaomi 14 Ultra
Long-lasting Battery
The Xiaomi 14 Ultra’s high-energy-density battery is more than enough to power you through your photography, videography, work and play.
Xiaomi 14 Ultra
Xiaomi 14 Ultra
XiaomiSurge Battery management system
Dual chipsets work in tandem to provide you with a faster smart charging experience. Xiaomi Surge P2 charging chipset enhances charging efficiency and reduces energy loss. Xiaomi Surge G1 battery management chipset provides comprehensive care for the battery cells, with an intelligent repair function to extend battery life.
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Xiaomi 14 Ultra
*The images and videos on this page are for illustration purposes only and may not be the exact representation of the product. Actual UI may vary. *Data tested in Xiaomi Internal Labs. *Wireless charger sold separately. *The typical capacity is 5000mAh. *The device has been tested and certified to be resistant to splash, water, and dust in the presence of specific laboratory conditions with the classification IP68 ingress protection based on IEC 60529:1989+A1:1999+A2:2013. Please note that the test conditions of water resistance include: submersion in static freshwater up to a depth of 1.5 meters, up to 30 minutes, with a temperature delta between the water and product being 5K or less. Such water resistance features only pertain to specific conditions tested in a laboratory environment, which do not correspond to the normal conditions of use by consumers. Therefore, ingress protection is not assured if the product is subjected to environments beyond the test conditions. We recommend that you do not test it by yourself. Not advised for beach or pool use. Ingress protection might deteriorate from daily wear and tear, physical damage and/or disassembly needed in case of repair. Avoid charging the product, operating the physical buttons, or removing the SIM tray when product is exposed to moisture. Please carefully refer to user's manual for other safety instructions. The warranty will not cover the liquid damage caused in the environments beyond the IP68 test condition. *Wi-Fi 7/Wi-Fi 6E/Wi-Fi 6 capability may vary based on regional availability and local network support. *Wi-Fi connectivity (including Wi-Fi frequency bands, Wi-Fi standards and other features as ratified in IEEE Standard 802.11 specifications) may vary based on regional availability and local network support. The function may be added via OTA when and where applicable. *Theoretical transfer rate of data is 10Gbps. *Theoretical peak speed rate of Wi-Fi is 5.8Gbps.