1. What exactly is the Redmi writing pad?
    The Redmi writing pad is a modern day digital slate which is perfect for children and adults to write, doodle, draw, or list and much more.
    2. What are the screen specs? Is the Redmi writing pad child safe and friendly?
    The Redmi writing pad comes with a customised 21.6cm(8.5) LCD screen. The screen emits no light and mimics the appearance of ink on paper, preventing eye fatigue after extended use. Pressure sensitive writing for different shades with every stroke, dust-free and ink-free, safe and hygienic, makes it a perfect gadget for kids and adults for their day-to-day requirements. It also comes with a stylus that has an easy grip, designed to make long writing fatigue free.
    3. How safe is the data written on the device?
    The Redmi Writing Pad comes with a slide to lock feature to freeze the content on the screen so the content is not deleted.
    4. What are some of the use cases for the Redmi writing pad?
    The Redmi Writing Pad is positioned as a perfect device for young parents and kids. It can be used to doodle, write, make notes, draw, and also make to-do lists.
    5. Does it come with a battery backup?
    Yes, the Redmi writing pad comes with a button cell replacable battery that can write upto 20,000 pages. The power efficient LCD screen only consumes a small amount of power when the screen is cleared.
    6. How do you erase content on the Redmi Writing Pad?
    The Redmi Writing pad comes with and easy one tap to erase screen button. You can erase any existing content and start on a fresh slate.
    7. Can the user get creative with the new Redmi writing pad?
    The redmi pad offers the users an option to seamlessly swap between different stroke shades by varying the amount of pressure applied while writing, using the stylus and expressing their creativity while making notes or doodling.
    8. Are there any color options that users can purchase from?
    The redmi writing Pad comes in only black color.
    9. How significant is the device when it comes to sustainability?
    Using a digital interface for making notes or doodling has a direct impact on the amount of paper used on a day-to-day basis. The Redmi writing pad encourages less use of paper and is an eco-friendly alternative that encourages preserving nature.
    10. How easy is it to carry it around the house?
    The Redmi writing pad weighs only 90 gm and comes with a stylus. The stylus is just a mere 5gms making it easy to hold. It is made to fit in the hands and has a comfortable grip.