• 1. Which app is used with Mi Watch Revolve?

    Mi Watch Revolve works with Mi Fitness App.
  • 2. Does the Mi Watch Revolve come with a heart rate sensor?

    Yes. The Mi Watch Revolve comes with a heart rate sensor with 24/7 heart rate monitoring option.
  • 3. What is Firstbeat Motion Algorithm in Mi Watch Revolve?

    Firstbeat is the leading provider of heartbeat analytics for consumer products, elite sports and wellbeing services. It works on the principle of Heart Rate Variability (HRV). The analytics engine process the HRV data to give insights which are actionable and user-friendly.
  • 4. How do I view my sleep, stress, energy level and activity data on Mi Watch Revolve?

    Sleep, Stress, energy level, step, calorie and other activity data can be viewed in detail on the Mi Fitness app, which can be downloaded on Android and iOS. Alternately you can see these details on watch user interface also.
  • 5. What is VO2 Max on Mi Watch Revolve?

    VO2 Max captures how much oxygen your body is able to utilize during maximum activity. Higher VO2 Max means your body can use more oxygen and improve your fitness. It gives you a realistic picture of your fitness.
  • 6. How I can charge Mi Watch Revolve?

    Mi Watch Revolve comes with a 2 Pin magnet charger in box. You can charge the watch using this charger.
  • 7. Does Mi Watch Revolve comes with Always on Display (AOD) option?

    Yes. Always on display (AOD) function is available on Mi Watch Revolve. You can switch on/off the AOD display from the watch settings. Note: Switching on AOD may impact battery life.
  • 8. Can I download 3rd party app on Mi Watch Revolve?

    No, 3rd party app can’t be downloaded on Mi Watch Revolve.
  • 9. Can I control music from Mi Watch Revolve?

    Yes, you can control music (Play, Pause, volume change, track change) from your Mi Watch Revolve
  • 10. How can I manage call from Mi Watch Revolve?

    You can disconnect or silence call from your Mi Watch Revolve.
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