Virtually anything is possible

Lightweight, soft fabric / Immersive 360° panoramic view / Front load design

Crafted for comfort
for long-period usage

From the moment you put on Mi VR Play 2, you’ll immediately
notice the soft, breathable fabric that was chosen for utmost comfort.
Weighing just 183g, Mi VR Play 2 stays secure and cozy
against your face even after long hours of usage.

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  • Made to feel even softer against your skin

    Mi VR Play 2 features an ergonomically designed foam-and-fabric body that is wrapped with a layer of soft, breathable fabric for sturdiness and comfort.

  • Front load design

    The front load design is tailored to let you dock and undock your phone in seconds. The load slot features 268 heat dissipation holes which allow the phone to run at optimal temperature.

  • Form-fitting comfort

    The soft microporous cushion will adjust its form to fit your facial shape and prevents light leaking into the headset. On top of that, designed with comfort in mind, you can also wear the headset over your glasses.

  • Soft elastic headband

    The soft elastic headband ensures that Mi VR Play 2 stays securely in place while providing balanced comfort over extended usage.

Supports both
Android and iOS smartphones

Mi VR Play 2 is compatible and supports both Android and iOS
smartphones with screen size between 11.9 cm - 14.4 cm (4.7 - 5.7)

Discover more with the Google Cardboard app

Mi VR Play 2 works with Google Cardboard, giving you access to an amazing library of Cardboard apps and videos on Google Play.
New to VR? Try out the cool videos in the Cardboard app to get started.

Comfortably designed headgear for everyone

  • Clearer, greater visual comfort

    Mi VR Play 2 features 0.01mm aspheric flat design lenses which help in delivering popping, high-definition graphics while ensuring great visual comfort.

  • Be completely focussed

    The soft, breathable cushion is desgined to rest nicely on your forehead and nose bridge to offer best-in-class comfort and prevents light leaking in from the sides.
    Now, you can be completely focussed on your games & movies.

  • Dedicated concave geometry design

    The dedicated concave geometry design helps in reducing reflections and unwanted light interferences so you can completely be immersed in your games & movies.

Redesign: Built from the inside out

From the selection of right material to the build of the hardware, the all-new Mi VR Play 2 is designed from the ground up with utmost comfort in mind.

Meet the team

We're passionate about the products we build. This is why we assembled our VR team with experienced VR veterans from companies including Google, HTC VIVE, Microsoft and Baidu to build the best possible VR headset for you.