• 1.What are the pre-installed apps in Mi QLED TV 4K?

    The pre-installed apps in Mi QLED TV 4K are Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Miracast, Media player, Gallery, TV Manager, TV Guide, YouTube, Play Movies, YouTube Music, Play Store, LIVE TV.
  • 2.Which app store can I use to install appson Mi QLED TV 4K?

    Mi QLED TV comes with Google’s Play Store. You can find TV apps in the play store. These apps are developed specifically for TV.
  • 3.What is Vivid Picture Engine on Mi QLED TV 4K?

    The Vivid Picture Engine (VPE) is our in-house image processing tech which delivers exceptional colours, significant depth, and deeper contrasts on our TV panels.
  • 4.What is Mi Quick Wake on Mi QLED TV 4K?

    With Mi Quick Wake you can quickly wake your TV in just 5 seconds. Short press power button once to turn off your TV, press again to quickly wake the TV.
  • 5.How can I access quick settings menu on Mi QLED TV 4K?

    On any screen to access settings menu, user can long press the Mi button on their remote control and switch the settings accordingly. Quick settings menu has Picture, Sound, Input, TV lock and more.
  • 6.How does Universal search work on PatchWall of Mi QLED TV 4K?

    With Universal search now users can search across 23+ content partners and find their favourite Movies, TV Shows and other media content on PatchWall.
  • 7.What is User Centre on PatchWall of Mi QLED TV 4K?

    In User Centre has access to all your apps, subscription offers, upcoming movies, tv shows, trailers and more
  • 8.How does Kids mode work on PatchWall of Mi QLED TV 4K?

    With Mi QLED TV 4K Kids mode on PatchWall now you can restrict content across multiple apps and showcase only the Kids content. This feature includes five sub features: Kids Mode with Parental Lock, Safe Universal Search, Smart Curation, Free Edu Content, and Peace of Mind.
  • 9.How can I get to know if the content playing on TV is Dolby Vision supported or not?

    Currently Netflix and Disney+ Hotstar OTT apps offer Dolby Vision content. To check which titles support, open any content and search for Dolby Vision branding on content detail page. While playing Dolby Vision supported content via HDMI or USB, Dolby Vision logo is displayed on screen.
  • 10.How to play HDR10+ content on Mi QLED TV 4K?

    Mi QLED TV 4K’s Current HDR10+ is limited to Amazon Prime Video app. You can search for 4K HDR content on Prime video app and can find titles which support this.
  • 11.How many speakers does Mi QLED TV 4K have?

    The Mi QLED TV 4K has 6 sound units (4 full range drivers, 2 tweeters)
  • 12.What is the size of RAM and Storage in Mi QLED TV 4K?

    Mi QLED TV 4K has 2GB RAM and 32GB storage.
  • 13.What are the different sound and picture modes available on Mi QLED TV 4K?

    a. Pre-set Picture modes: Dolby Vision Bright, Dolby Vision Dark, Dolby Vision Game, HDR10+, HDR Vivid, HDR Movie, HDR Standard, Standard, Vivid, Sport, Movie, HDR Game, Game and Monitor

    *Dolby Vision Game is supported on Xbox Series X and S consoles
    *Dolby Vision Bright and Dolby Vision Dark (Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar and USB)
    *HDR10+, HDR Vivid, HDR Movie, HDR Standard (Prime Video)
    * HDR Game and Game (PS4 HDR compatible games)
    * For HDMI input - Standard, Vivid, Sports, Movie, Monitor, Game

    b. Pre-set Sound Modes: Standard, Movie, Game and News. Users can also customize the audio parameters.
  • 14,How to activate Game Mode?

    Your Mi QLED TV 4K will be automatically switched to a Game Mode once you connect any console. HDR Game is detected when a user is connecting HDMI 2.0 and above supported device. Game Mode is detected when a user has connected a HDMI 1.4 supported device.
    Note: User has to use a supported Hi-Speed HDMI cable to support the modes accordingly.
  • 15.Does the TV have Chromecast option?

    Yes, Mi QLED TV has Chromecast built-in. You can also mirror your screen by using Google Home App.
  • 16.How to use Miracast to mirror your device's screen wirelessly on your Mi QLED TV?

    On Mi QLED TV - Open Miracast app and select one option
    On your device - Go to the Settings menu, tap Connection & sharing (Mi Phone) or Display > tap Wireless display > toggle “Wireless display” to ON and it will scan for nearby Miracast devices.
  • 17.. How can I get Demo and Installation for my Mi QLED TV 4K?

    Call our customer service Toll free number 1800 103 6286 for installation/demo request or you can click on this link: https://miservicemanager.mi.com/customer.html
    Please Note: Installation & Demo within first 15 days of purchase will be free of cost and after this period customer has to pay for the installation. This is applicable only for one visit of Installation & Demo in first 15 days.
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