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  • 1.Is the memory expandable in Mi NoteBook 14 (IC)?

    No. All the Mi Notebook 14 (IC) models come with 8 GB of DDR4 RAM.
  • 2.Is the processor or GPU upgradeable in Mi NoteBook 14 (IC)?

    No, the processor and GPU are not upgradeable.
  • 3.Does the laptop (Mi NoteBook 14 (IC)) has an inbuilt webcam?

    Yes, taking users feedback into consideration, Mi NoteBook 14 (IC) comes with an inbuilt webcam with HD resolution (720p).
  • 4.What does the Mi NoteBook 14 (IC) come preloaded with?

    Every Mi Notebook comes pre-loaded with
    • MS Windows 10 Home Edition
    • Office 365 One month trial
    • DTS Audio Processing App Support to fine tune audio levels for the best content consumption experience
    • Mi Blaze Unlock, an app which enables Mi Band 3 or 4 users to unlock the notebook in 1.2 s when nearby
    • Mi Smartshare, another app which enables fast file transfer between the notebook and any mobile device or other notebooks nearby
  • 5.How many hours of battery life can I expect on Mi NoteBook 14 (IC)?

    Our extensive lab tests indicate that you can get upto 10 hours of battery life on regular usage - a mix of daily productivity tasks. With local video playback at medium brightness you can get upto 13 hours of battery backup. Battery life will vary on actual usage depending on settings and usage. E.g. Playing a game on battery will reduce the charge on the battery quickly. Its recommended to run demanding applications while being plugged in to the wall.
  • 6.Is Mi NoteBook 14 (IC) touch screen enabled? Can be flipped backward?

    No, these are not touch screen enabled. They only fold up to 140 degrees
  • 7.Does Mi NoteBook 14 (IC) come with an Ethernet port for LAN connectivity?

    No, there is no Ethernet port connectivity option on any of the Mi Notebooks.
  • 8.Is it possible to use a higher capacity battery with these laptops?

    No, we do not recommend nor provide higher capacity batteries than the one pre-installed at 46 Wh. You will get upto 10 hours of usage with this battery
  • 9.Does Mi NoteBook 14 (IC) come with CD/DVD ROM drive?

    No, we have not included this feature in our notebooks.
  • 10.What is the warranty on the Mi NoteBook 14 (IC)?

    The Mi NoteBooks comes with 12 Months of warranty on product and accessories.
  • 11.How to resolve service queries for Mi NoteBook 14 (IC)?

    You can avail Walk-in Service or Home Service for resolving any of your service queries. We have a strong 830+ ASC Network in India covering over 19.5K pin codes in 601 cities.
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