Mi Men’s
Sports Shoes 2

Engineered with breakthrough
5-in-1 Uni-Moulding technology

5-in-1 Uni-Moulding

Shock absorbent | Durable | Slip-resistant

The Uni-Moulding process combines 5 different
materials to minimize wear damage. This technology
will keep the stitching on the soles intact for
long-lasting usage.

Unique fishbone structure

Comfortable cushioning | Twist-resistant
Solid grip

The 10-fishbone structure improves balance while
offering the needed arch support and reducing
the chance of sprains.

Strong suspension
for reduced impact

Uni-body suspension balancing patch

Stronger grip
with excellent
forward momentum

With a solid grip, you don’t
have to worry about abrasion.

Reflective strip

Safer low-light runs

The shoes features reflective material on the laces and the
heelpiece. This makes you immediately noticeable from any angle in the darkness.

Heels with high-density
sponge lining

Thick, full and comfortable

Sponge padding
and Ventile® insole

Lightweight and comfortable

The bottom of the insole is constructed using
polyurethane foraminate material to aid air
circulation. This keeps your feet from feeling
cramped or suffocated.

Machine-washable | Easy to clean

Available in 3 colours