64MP Precision Triple Camera

Take Your Hobby A Step Further, Try Something New.

64MP Sony IMX Sensor
f/1.89, 6P Lens

13MP Ultra-wide Angle Camera
Up to 123-degree FOV

5MP Macro Lens
Focus Range 2cm - 10cm

64MP high resolution camera

Big pictures in big detail

Ultra-precision Camera

Elevate your photography skills with the all new 64MP diverse camera setup. Get more control over each image with the built-in RAW mode and multiple professional camera features.

The leading-edge lens combination turns
each shot into a masterpiece

Focus on your beauty

20MP Front Camera

Xiaomi's smallest display dot to date,
with a diameter of only 3.8mm.

Powerful lenses meet artistic modes
Turn your photos into art

Long Exposure Modes

Say goodbye to complex tutorials
Beginners can take outstanding photos with ease

  • Moving Crowd

    Focuses on fixed subject while blurring moving surroundings

  • Starry Sky

    Clearly captures mesmerizing night skies

  • Star Trails

    Creates swirling starry skies

  • Oil Painting

    Makes clouds and water look smooth and silky as if painted on a canvas

  • Light Painting

    Creates trails of light using a small light-source in the dark

  • Neon Trails

    Trails of light from moving vehicles illuminating the night

Timed Burst

Customized gap time and number of photos

Up to 600 pictures/60 seconds gap time | Can be converted into video

Ideal for making stop motion videos and time lapses of starry skies

*This video is made using Timed burst in Pro mode

New AI photo filters

Express your distinctive style

· Black ice

· Color focus

· Cyberpunk

· Gold vibes

Night mode 2.0

Clear and vibrant night shots

Create without time limits



New selfie night mode

Be the beauty of the night

Take video recording to the next level

8K Video Recording

Create movie-quality content

7680 × 4320 ultra high resolution | Take 33MP photos straight from 8K video

Photo/Video Clones

More possibilities, more fun

Captures up to four clones per photo, and two clones per video

Dual Video

Dual perspective, dual discovery

Record with front and rear cameras simultaneously

Time-lapse selfie video

Watch time fly and see the changes

Supports both front and rear cameras

*108MP main camera is only available on Mi 10T Pro. Mi 10T has 64MP main camera.
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