Mi In-Ear Headphones
₹ 999
  • Winner of the 2015 Red Dot Design Award
  • Patented sound optimizing technology, aerospace-grade metal diaphragm
  • Classic gift packaging
Winner of the 2015 Red Dot Design Award
The Red Dot Design Award is one of the most influential awards in the design industry. Previous winners include prestigious brands such as BMW, Sony, Apple, Siemens and Adidas.
A whole new level of fidelity
Aerospace-grade metal diaphragm with a patented “sandwich” design
Excellent sound quality begins with the diaphragm, which is embedded at the heart of any headphone. In order to deliver a superior sound in the mid and bass ranges, we sandwiched an aerospace-grade metal composite layer inbetween two PET layers. This preserves the outstanding treble responses of metal, while improving richness in the lower ranges thanks to the incredible flexibility of PET. This breakthrough design has revolutionized Mi In-Ear Headphones, providing balanced output and superior definition across the entire frequency range.

PET material


PET material

Improved 3rd gen balanced damping
Optimized front cavity for improved treble performance
The 3rd gen balanced damping improves airflow to deliver proportioned outflows for the front and back chambers. Combined with built-in damping material, Mi In-Ear Headphones produce vivid stereo effects and a transparent, wall-balanced sound. The metal composite diaphragm speakers are allowed to operate naturally to deliver a high-fidelity experience. In addition, a separate output channel and output hole in the front cavity provide better balance and treble performance.
Spiral air-flow channels
Patented technology to fully optimize mid-range and bass output
To optimize mid-range and bass performance, we modified the classic transmission line enclosure design with a patented sound chamber that incorporates spiral air-flow channels and extended bass output sound holes. The benefits of these longer sound output channels can be heard in improved sound quality and stereo effects in the mid and bass ranges.
Professional tuning
Meticulous calculations for an extremely precise sound
We use a variety of methods to deliver the best possible sound within the limits of a confined space. First, we calculate the ideal dimensions for the diaphragm and cavity using specialist software. Then we monitor the state of the diaphragm using a Scanning Vibrometer System to find the perfect sound. Audio output from the headphones is analyzed using SoundCheck software, including parameters such as frequency response and total harmonic distortion. Listening tests are also conducted by audio experts and musical specialists, combining objective measurements with a sophisticated ear to achieve the highest possible quality.
  • N48 permanent magnet

    Offers outstanding stability for any moving-coil headphone.

  • Premium damping material

    Made of the finest material for stable and consistent permeability.

Front cover

Voice coil

PCBA circuit board

Metal composite diaphragm

N48 magnet

Imported damping

Tested for high-end performance
Lower distortion, more detail
Mi In-Ear Headphones outperform the Sennheiser CX985 and Urbeats on the distortion curve. This means that you can hear much more detail and experience less distortion.
  • Mi In-Ear Headphones
  • Urbeats
  • Sennheiser CX985
Controller with built-in Knowles microphone
Excellent audio quality, low interference and distortion
The built-in Knowles MEMS microphone provides excellent stability despite its tiny size. The wire control provides a direct, solder-free connection to ensure maximum clarity with minimum interference. It is fully compatible with Mi phones and partially compatible with iOS devices (volume up/down functions not supported).
  • Knowles microphone

    Knowles is the world's largest manufacturer of MEMS microphones.

  • Wired remote

    The remote is located close to the cheek for convenience.


Volume +

Volume -

For calls: Short press to answer.

Press again
to mute.

Long press to decline/hang up.

For music:
Press pause/play.

Durable, break-resistant Kevlar fiber cable
Strong, break-resistant kevlar fibers protect wiring and extend its lifespan, while braided sleeving prevents tangling. The end sections are sheathed in TPE to reduce friction with clothing, preventing an annoying “stethoscope effect” or noise interference.

Enameled copper wire

Kevlar fiber

Braided sleeve

Comfortable, convenient, ergonomic
Tested by hundreds of users
Usability is a top priority in our design process. In order to create an ergonomic design for maximum comfort, we drew on a vast set of data and test designs with hundreds of actual users to find the most ideal dimensions.
  • The earpiece is angled 70° downwards to prevent slipping

  • The earbuds are angled 120° outwards for a comfortable fit

Brushed, anodized aluminum
Corrosion resistance and long-lasting wear
Brushed aluminum at the back of the headphones create a sleek profile. The metal surface is anodized to protect against corrosion and wear, and is subject to stringent testing to ensure minimal peeling even after extended use.
Classic gift packaging
Includes cable winder and 3 earbud sizes
Mi in-Ear Headphones come in a stylish, eco-friendly package. The silicone earbuds come in 3 different sizes (XS/S/L) to fit your unique needs. Comes with a cable winder for convenient storage.
Safety certified
Overseen by Swiss inspection company SGS, Mi In-Ear Headphones have been tested and certified safe by RoHS, REACH, and FCC.
Subjected to over 800 reliability tests
Rigorously tested for outstanding build quality, the tests conducted on Mi In-Ear Headphones are 3 times tougher and far surpass industry standards.
  • Test performed Mi In-Ear Headphones Industry standard
  • Button lifespan 400,000 presses 100,000 presses
  • Cable bending 15000 5000
  • Speaker lifespan 40mW/168 hours 5mW/96 hours
  • Load bearing 7kg/2 mins 2kg/1 mins
  • Drop testing 1.7m/18 drops 1.2m/6 drops
Mi In-Ear Headphones
  • TypeIn-Ear
  • Remote & MicYes
  • ColorSpace Gray
  • Conductor MaterialEnameled Copper Wire
  • Speaker Impedance32 Ω
  • Weight14 g
  • Cable Length1.25 m
  • Sensitivity98 dB
  • Jack Type3.5 mm gold-plated
  • Rated Power5 mW
  • StandardsGB/T 14471-2013
  • Frequency Response Range20-20,000 Hz