Mi Bluetooth HeadsetBasic

Great sound quality | Lightweight 6.5g | Music and volume controls

A simple design that does so much

The sleek bluetooth headset features two discreet rocker buttons for volume adjustment and music controls.
That way you have quick access to these functions without unlocking your phone.
  • Volume adjustment

    Adjust volume for calls and music using the volume rocker buttons.
  • Music controls

    Skip or replay songs without unlocking your phone.

Packed with features

The two rocker buttons can do so much more
  • Accept/end calls

  • Reject calls

  • Redial number

  • Transfer calls

  • Three-way calls

  • Play/pause music

  • Play next/previous song

  • Volume adjustment


Ultra small and lightweight

*Measurements may vary slightly, depending on the scale or tools used.

  • 3 different earbud sizes

    The soft, silicone earbuds come in 3 different sizes for a tight seal and comfortable fit.

High quality speakers

To optimize sound quality for calls and music, we kept the speaker output structure at a narrow 3mm,
so that detail in the mid and high frequencies are preserved and noise is significantly reduced.

Great sound is in the details

Every component of Mi Bluetooth Headset Basic is carefully designed to produce a natural,
high-definition sound. This includes having a rounded sound cavity, high-quality Bluetooth chip,
magnetized moving coil speaker, ceramic antenna, and more.
  • ① Rounded sound cavity

    Reduces noise interference for clearer audio
  • ② Magnetized moving coil speaker

    Highly sensitive speaker preserves sound detail
  • ③ Noise-cancelling silicone microphone

    Lower noise interference than typical microphones
  • ④ Ceramic antenna

    Receives stable signals and prevents call drops

Bluetooth 4.1, reduces 4G network interferences

The CSR8610 chipset supports Bluetooth 4.1, which reduce 4G network interferences, improving device compatibility, stability, and functionality across the board.
  • CSR8610 Bluetooth chip

    Improved transmission performance

  • CVC echo reduction

    Filters out ambient noise

  • Reduces 4G network interferences

    For better sound clarity

  • Power efficient

    Excellent battery life

  • Pairs with two

    Connect up to two devices simultaneously

  • Low Radiation

    Better for the body

Nano-coating technology
Durable and oil-resistant

Whether it's in your ear, hands, pocket, or bag,
nano-coating technology provides oil resistance
and reduces wear and tear on Mi Bluetooth Headset Basic.
To clean the headset, simply give it a wipe.
  • 3~4 hours

    Talk time

  • >100 hours


  • >50,000 presses

    Button lifespan

  • >2 devices

    Pairs with two simultaneously

* All data are based on acoustic lab tests and may vary depending on test environment and conditions.