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Personal Data Collection Statement

When you purchase Mi Protect and apply for repair service, you agree to Xiaomi’s collection of your personal information including but not limited to your name, mobile phone number, Xiaomi ID, mobile phone related information (such as IMEI, model, etc.), service order information (such as service fees, effective time, start and end period, etc.), application for maintenance information (such as accidental damage, damaged parts, fault description, repair materials details, mobile phone damage pictures, total fees, etc.), etc., to provide you with the corresponding services you choose. We respect and protect your personal privacy and will protect your information in accordance with Xiaomi's unified privacy policy. You also agree that your information above may be disclosed, shared, divulged, supplied or transferred to affiliates or third party service providers within or outside Hong Kong (including but not limited to mobile phone repairers, insurance brokers, insurance companies, insurance service providers etc.), in order to provide you with protection services under Mi Protect products. Please be assured that we will only share your information for legitimate and specific purposes.