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Q: What is YouTube Premium?

A: YouTube Premium is everything you love about YouTube – ad-free and uninterrupted. Watch videos on YouTube without ads, then download your favorites to view them on the go. That includes our full catalog of series and movies. Multi-tasking? Don’t worry, mobile videos and music play seamlessly when your screen is off. Oh, and you also get premium access to our new music streaming app – YouTube Music.

Q: What is YouTube Music?

With YouTube Music, you can listen to the latest hits, stay connected to the artists you love, and discover tons of new music to enjoy on all of your devices. There are two versions of YouTube Music:

• - Our free, ads-supported YouTube Music.

• - Our premium music service, YouTube Music Premium, which includes benefits like background play, ads-free music, and audio-only mode.

Q: How do I sign up for the offer?

Answers will vary based on partnership - some possible answers below


• Open the YouTube app on your device > Go to My Account > Get YouTube Premium

• Open the YouTube app on your device > Go to My Account > Get YouTube TV

• Open the YouTube app on your device > Go to My Account > Paid Memberships > YouTube Music

• Open the Email/SMS/Notification from mi.com > Click on the offer link > Sign into your Google account

Q: Do I need a Google account?

A: Yes you need a Google account to sign up to YouTube Premium, YouTube TV or YouTube Music.

Q: What if I have multiple Google accounts?

A: You can choose the account of your choice to sign up to the service

Q: How do I cancel?


• In the YouTube, YouTube Music or YouTube TV app go to My Account > Paid Memberships > Select YouTube Premium, YouTube Music or YouTube TV > Select Deactivate.

• On web go to YouTube.com > My Account > Paid Memberships > Select “Manage Account” under YouTube Premium, YouTube Music or YouTube TV > Select Deactivate

Q: The user is already a YouTube Premium or Music subscriber, are they eligible to redeem the extended free trial?

A: This offer is only available for new users who have never had a YouTube Premium or Music subscription and that this offer cannot be stacked with an existing YouTube subscription. Since the user is not eligible they are not entitled to the offer

Q: What happens when the extended free trial ends?

A: If you cancel before the end of your free trials, your subscription will end. If you don’t cancel, you will become a paid subscriber and will start paying the monthly subscription price.

Q: What content is available?


• Through YouTube Premium you can enjoy anything on YouTube, YouTube Music or YouTube Kids, ad-free

• With YouTube Music you can enjoy songs, Full Albums, Music Videos, Playlists, Remixes, Covers, Live Performances.

• With YouTube TV you get access to over 85 channels. To view available channels in your area visit //tv.youtube.com/welcome and enter your zip code

Q: How do I upgrade or downgrade?


• To upgrade from YouTube Music to YouTube Premium or from an individual plan to a family plan go to YouTube > My Account and select the service tier you would like to upgrade to

• To downgrade from YouTube Premium to YouTube Music you must cancel your YouTube Premium account and resubscribe

• To add channels to your YouTube TV subscription go to YouTube TV > My Account > Settings > Membership and select the channels you would like to add. More details here.

A: This most likely means that the user is ineligible for a free trial offer. They should reach out to YouTube support to confirm their trial eligibility status. Users can also visit youtube.com/paid_memberships to see if they have an active subscription.

Q: I signed up for the offer, but I don't seem to have the YouTube benefits when I use the YouTube app. What should I do?

A: Please check and ensure you are signed into the YouTube app with the account you signed up for YouTube Premium with.

Q: Can I take this offer with a student plan or family plan?

A: No.

Q: Will the user be automatically billed at the end of a subscription trial offer for YouTube Premium Music?

A: Yes. This is a product and licensing requirement for YouTube's subscription service.

Q: How are customers notified that they will be billed at the end of their subscription trial?

A: A customer is notified of their billing date in 3 ways:

a. During the trial sign-up flow their first billing date will be shown in the sign-up dialog

b. Upon signing up for a trial a user will receive an email receipt stating the length of their trial and the first billing date

c. A user will receive a reminder email before they are billed for their first month

d. On the first billing date a user will receive an email receipt explaining that their trial has ended and they are being billed monthly effective that date. The email will provide information on requesting refunds if the customer believes the billing was in error

At any time a customer can visit the Paid Memberships menu in the My account section of YouTube to see their next billing date. A customer can cancel their trial offer at any point during the trial and retail access to their YouTube subscription until the end of their trial