Mi Ambient Light Rejecting Projector Screen 100"

Mi Ambient Light Rejecting Projector Screen 100"A cinema-quality viewing experience

  • ≥85% occlusionVibrant colours even under ambient lighting
  • 8 mm ultra-narrow frameNear-frameless visual experience
  • No cable connectionsSeamless wall-mounted display
  • 8-layer functional optical filmBrighter and more vibrant
≥85% ambient occlusionReleases your laser projector's potential for a cinema-quality laser displayFresnel lens optical technology actively directs incident light from the projector, effectively blocking ambient light on all sides of the screen and ensuring accurate laser projector reflection. Clear, vibrant picture quality, even under fluorescent and ambient lighting. (Laser projector products sold separately)
* Test data from FSCREEN laboratory
A massive screen for ultimate enjoyment100-inch screen* for a massive, awe-inspiring display (laser projector products sold separately)
8-layer optical structureVibrant, life-like images8-layer optical structure with nano-scale precision for brighter, more vibrant images.
Conventional projection screen
Mi Ambient Light Rejecting Projector Screen 100"
Eliminates speckle interference and protects eyes with diffuse reflection technologyWhen mapping incident light from the projector, the outermost layer uses anti-glare technology to effectively eliminate speckle disturbance and prevent eye fatigue.
* Laser projector products sold separately
Designed with safety in mindScratch-protection layerThe outer layer of the panel protects against scratching and is easy to clean and manage.The aluminium frame is surrounded by a plastic PVC frame, providing protection for the whole family.