Mi Vacuum Cleaner G9

Mi Vacuum Cleaner G9Whole house cleaning solution120AW suction power | Ultra long 60 min battery life | Replaceable battery design | Anti-tangle floor brush | Multi-cyclone separation
120AW suction powerEasily absorbs dust and hair
Click-in battery replacementDouble battery life
Anti-tangle floor brushSay goodbye to tangled up hair
Ultra long 60 min battery lifeLonger running time
99.97% filtration rateFive-step filtration, high-efficiency separation
Removable dust cupClean easily
120AW great suction powerThe dust has nowhere to escapeEquipped with a high-speed brushless motor of 100,000 rotations per minute, the vacuum cleaner provides a suction power of up to 120AW, effectively sucking up all kinds of dirt and hidden dust. Cleaning the floors doesn't have to be tedious. The Mi Vacuum Cleaner G9 cleans efficiently, making sure dust has nowhere to escape.
Suction power
High-speed brushless motor
High torque floor brushRemove dust from deep cracksThe large-diameter and high-torque floor brush can completely remove the stubborn dust in the carpet. The V-shaped brush can penetrate deep into the uneven surfaces to pull out the fine dust while protecting the surface material. The unique roller design helps the vacuum cleaner move easily over the carpet and improves cleaning efficiency.
Rolling brush anti-winding systemSay goodbye to tangled hairThe V-shape design helps to extend the brush's diameter and thus reduce hair tangling. Also it can collect hair and dander to the rod more effectively.
60 minute long battery life7×2500mAh high-capacity battery
Click-in battery replacementEasily double the battery lifeWith one simple click, the battery can be replaced to achieve double running time. No need to wait for it to charge.*Replacement battery needs to be purchased separately.*The relevant parameters are measured according to the IEC60312 standard.
Dual charging designCharge both batteries at the same timeThe vacuum cleaner is equipped with a wall-mounted charging rack where you can both charge and store your vacuum. The optional dual-charge expansion slot can charge two batteries at the same time. If the battery is low, simply switch out the batteries and have the vacuum cleaner return with full force in an instant.*Replacement battery needs to be purchased separately.*The relevant parameters are actually measured according to the IEC60312 standard.
Three modes, easy switch
High powerUp to 8 minutes
StandardUp to 27 minutes
EcoUp to 60 minutes
DustHairMilletSoy beansCoffee beans
Eco modeLong battery life, daily cleaning
Standard modeImmediate removal of dust and stubborn dirt
High power modeStronger suction and higher efficiency
*Please select the mode according to the cleaning task at hand.
Multi-cyclone speration systemSeparating dust and air to avoid blockage
The high-efficiency multi-cyclone separation system generates a strong centrifugal force through the cyclone airflow, effectively throwing large particles to the bottom of the dust cup, quickly separating dust and air, ensuring smooth air circulation, and improving dust collection efficiency.
Five-step filtration, with a total filtration rate of 99.97%, capturing particles as small as 0.3μm.The high-efficiency multi-cyclone separation technology can effectively collect fine dust, thereby protecting the filter and preventing dust leakage.
Switch brush heads to solve all kinds of cleaning challenges
Mini motorized brushClean dander, pet hair, etc.Equipped with a high-speed mite removal brush, the strong suction power can get deep into the fibers of fabrics, effectively removing hair, fur and dander on bedding, sofas, and mattresses.
Crevice nozzleEasily clean in hidden cornersUse the crevice nozzle to clean narrow gaps and areas that are difficult to reach, in order to keep every corner clean.
2-in-1 brushClean beyond the floorEasily clean your keyboard, sofa, bedsheets and more. The soft brush will not harm the furniture and effectively absorbs surface dust.
Large 0.6 liter dust cupRemovable designThe 0.6L large volume dust cup can hold more dust at one time. You can separate the bin with a click to wash and clean.
Multi-nozzle storageSave more space
Wall-mounted charging stationCharge and store
Empty dust with one clickNo need to touch the dust or dirt
Washable HEPA componentsEasy to keep clean and maintain