Mi Ionic Hair Dryer 2

Mi Ionic Hair Dryer 2Deeply moisturizes to make your hair shiny
Dual water ion hair care
20m/s ultra-high air flow
All-metal body
Smart temperature control

  • Dual water ion hair care
  • 20m/s ultra-high air flow*
  • All-metal body
  • Smart temperature control
  • Double-layer magnetic nozzle
  • Removable air inlet net cover
A more hydrating hair dryerDual water ions* penetrate deep into your hair for lasting protection and a smooth shine. With ten-million anions*, the hair shafts are kept closed to reduce split ends and prevent frizzy hair, which helps to effectively improve the hair quality and make your hair stronger.
  • Degree of moistureUp by 26.47%
  • Degree of shineUp by 9.12%
  • Neutralizes static electricityReducing hair roughness
Upgraded water ions aid hair hydration*A built-in condensation needle condenses the moisture in the air and instantly atomizes it into tiny negatively charged water ions through two needle-typed motors. These ions are delivered directly to the hair, scalp and root through a separate cold-air channel to prevent any high-temperature damage and hydrate your hair.
*Compared with the first generation Mi Ionic Hair Dryer.
Enjoy shiny hair after drying
  • Degree of hydration
    Mi Ionic Hair Dryer 2
    Non-ionic hair dryer
  • Degree of shine
    Mi Ionic Hair Dryer 2
    Non-ionic hair dryer
  • Hair bounce value
    Mi Ionic Hair Dryer 2
    Non-ionic hair dryer
*Compared with non-ionic hair dryer (1800W). Data was supplied by the Shanghai Pukai Testing Technology Co., Ltd. Report no.: PKS-TR-202101290.
Ultra-high air flow speed of 20m/s*Dry your hair quickly without high heatInspired by the principles of aircraft engines, the hair dryer is equipped with a DC high-speed motor with speed of 20,000 rpm and seven wing-shaped blades, which generate air flow through squeezing the air out of a conical pressurized air duct. The air flow speed can reach 20m/s at maximum, allowing the strong air flow to reach the root and dry your hair quickly without any damage.
Maximum air flow speed*
20,000 rpm
High-speed motor*
7 blades
Aviation turbine blades
Short all-metal bodyFits in a wash bagInnovative structure with ultra-short cylinder, with a width of just one palm*. Convenient to carry when travelling. With the compact and lightweight design, you can use it for a long time without exhausting your arm. The body of the device is processed through aluminium alloy anodizing for a more appealing appearance.
  • 101mm
    One palm width*
  • 550g
    Lightweight body*
Alternating hot and cold to prevent hair damageWith a glass bead thermal sensor, the air outlet temperature is precisely detected 60 times per second.* The air flow temperature is adjusted in real time to prevent damage to hair and scalp from overheating. In the innovative alternating hot/cold air mode, hot air dries hair quickly and cold air enables easy styling. It not only prevents overheating of the hair surface, but also hydrates the hair ends and provides care for the delicate scalp.
Smart hot-and-cold air cycling mode*
  • 7s
    Ambient temperature < 22°CHot air for 7 seconds and cold air for 5 seconds on an alternating basis
  • 5ss
    Ambient temperature ≥ 22°C Hot air for 5 seconds and cold air for 7 seconds on an alternating basis
NTC smart temperature controlWith the NTC smart temperature control function, the alternating time between hot air and cold air is automatically adjusted based on the ambient temperature detected. This makes your head feel comfortable and provides better care for your scalp and hair.
360° rotation for targeted stylingThe 360° fully rotatable magnetic nozzle concentrates the flow of air for rapid drying and targeted styling. The dual-layer design also reduces the temperature of the nozzle and provides effective insulation.
Aerodynamic noise reductionLess noise, more comfortEach blade is subjected to a professional dynamic balance test to cut the air flow more delicately. Also combined with an optimized air duct design to reduce air flow resistance, it makes the air flow stronger but less noisy, providing a more comfortable user experience.
Adjustable temperature and speedThe hair dryer features three temperature levels, allowing you to alternate between hot and cold air and two speed levels that enable free adjustment of strength of air flow. The two-color LED indicator light changes its color in response to the change of air temperature. The temperature setting is automatically stored and automatically maintained until the next time you turn it on. You can easily switch between multiple air flow modes, in a user-friendly and convenient way.
Temperature level
Hot air
Alternating hot/cold air
Cold air
Air flow speed level
II High speed
I Low speed
O Off
Comfortable handle feelSoft like a baby's skinThe handle is painted with BabyskinUV, a baby skin-soft coating, offering an extra smooth touch experience. The dual-layer coating is resistant to dirt and scratches. It feels as smooth as skin when holding it in your hand and stays white and new even after being used for a long time.
Multiple overheat protectionsKeeping you safeThe NTC detects the temperature of out airflow in real time. The selected high-sensitivity temperature detecting components can automatically trigger overheat protection and shut off power in the event of excessively high temperatures. In extreme cases, fuse protection will be triggered to ensure safety.
  • NTC temperature detection
  • Overheat protection
  • Fuse protection
Exquisite detail and thoughtful design
Removable air inlet net coverEasy to clean, hair-trapping protection
Convenient hangerFor easy storage
1.7m*Strengthened power cord
Insulates heat and withstands high temperatures
*20m/s ultra-high air flow speed: Test conditions included rated voltage, high speed in hot air mode, distance of 10cm between the anemometer and the air outlet for 1 second. The air flow speed was measured at greater than 20m/s. Test report no.: 202103100001. *Dual water ions: Refers to the fact that two water ion generators act at the same time to produce water ions.*Ten-million anions concentration test: The test was conducted under rated voltage, high speed and in hot air mode, with a distance of 30cm between the concentration meter and the air outlet. The number of anions was measured at more than 10 million on average. Test report no.: 202103100002.*High-speed motor with speed of 20,000 rpm: A troboscope was used to measure the rotation speed of blades under rated voltage and in hot air mode. The speed was measured at 20,000 rpm with a speed control deviation of 20000 (1 ± 10%) rpm. Test report no.: 202103100003.*101mm one-palm width: The length of the cylinder excluding the nozzle is 101mm, approximately the width of one adult palm. Test report no.: 202103100006.*550g lightweight body: Weighed the body on an electronic scale and the result was 550 ± 15g (excluding nozzle). Test report no.: 202103100005.*Glass bead thermal sensor: It was tested that 60 times per second was the software setting.*Smart hot/cold cycling mode: The test was conducted under high speed, rated voltage, cold/hot cycling mode. Recorded time of hot air and cold air blowing with a stopwatch. Test report no.: 202104100002.*1.7m power cord: It was measured between the point at which the power cord or cord sheath enters the appliance and the point at which the cord enters the plug. Straightened the entire cord with a 10N pull before measuring. Test report no.: 202103100004.*The data on this page was provided by Lexiu Laboratories if not specified otherwise.