Mi High-capacity Ink Pen

Mi High-capacity Ink Pen4x capacity, writes smoother and for longer

pack of 10 (black)
Mi High Capacity Lnk Pen
4x writing lengthLasts longer than a normal gel pen
Mi High Capacity Lnk Pen
Japanese MiKuni inkDries quickly without blotting
Mi High Capacity Lnk Pen
0.5 mm spring bullet nibGlides smoothly across the page
Mi High Capacity Lnk Pen
Less than $1 per penOne time purchase for long term use
Can write four times the length of a conventional gel penDirect-injection ink storage with upgraded capacity
Line drawing distance
180,000 characters
Writing capacity
Japanese imported MiKuni inkVibrant, solid colors and seamless, uninterrupted flowThe design ensures a high flow rate of ink for more consistent writing. The pen glides smoothly across the page.The ink doesn't bleed through the paper. Use the Mi High-capacity Ink Pen for everyday writing, doodling or making bullet journals.
Quick drying and blot-resistantThe carefully formulated pigment-based ink ensures cleaner paper while writing by preventing smudges. Long-lasting, resists fading and blotting on contact with water. Suitable for important occasions such as signing documents and completing written exams.
High quality, spring loaded bullet nibSmooth writing with no leakageThe 0.5 mm bullet nib, made by Swiss Mikron machines, is reliable, durable and precise.A spring built into the pen nib presses the ball against the opening when placed horizontally, to ensure proper sealing, effectively preventing ink leakage. The pen will not dry out easily even if the cap is lost.
Mi High Capacity Lnk Pen0.5 mm
Textured barrel design for a comfortable gripWrite for extended periods of time without getting tiredThe partially transparent barrel design visually indicates the remaining ink level and has a non-slip grip. Each pen weighs 8.5 g(3), for a lightweight feel without exerting pressure on the hand.
Less than $1 per penHigh capacity 10-pack for sharingA one-time purchase to meet your long-term daily study and office needs, or share with friends.
(1) The direct-injection pen barrel comes with integrated, non-replaceable ink storage.(2) Writing length data for the Mi High-capacity Ink Pen is based on line drawing tests carried out by the China National Center for Quality Supervision & Test of Fountain Pens and Ball-point Pens in Light Industry, test report number: WY-2019-049. Actual writing length may vary depending on writing habits.(3) This weight is a reference value only, actual weight of each product may vary (±5%).