Mi Computer Monitor Light Bar

Mi Computer Monitor Light BarExtra computer lighting just for youNo screen reflection丨Magnetic rotation丨Doesn't take up space Metal body丨2.4-GHz wireless remote control

Doesn't take up space on your desktopNeatly and easily attaches to your monitor
No screen reflection Asymmetrical light, prevent eye fatigue
Variable brightness and color temperature settingsAdjusts to meet different lighting needs
High Ra95 color rendering indexRestores true color
Wireless remote controlAdjustable lights at your fingertips
Preset computer modesBetter lighting for all computer-based activities
Magnetic rotation systemTwenty-five-degree rotation reduces glare
USB portConnects to your computer, power bank or charger
Easily attaches to the top of the monitor, leaving you plenty of desktop spaceMi Computer Monitor Light Bar with your monitor—installs easily and doesn't take up space on your desktop, giving you an all-new lighting experience.
*This product is suitable for desktop monitors with a thickness of up to 32 mm; the product can be stably installed on monitors less than 10 mm thick but it will need to be manually supported when adjusting the angle (not recommended for use on laptops).
Asymmetric polished design for a more comfortable experience with no screen reflectionThe custom-made optical glass and finely textured hood ensure that you can work for extended periods without being troubled by glare.
Light trajectory of ordinary hanging lampLight trajectory of the Mi Computer Monitor Light Bar
High Ra95 color rendering index Shows objects in full, natural colorThe color rendering index reaches up to Ra95*, revealing true natural color and detail. Flicker free* to reduce eye fatigue from long-term use.*Test report no.: WTF20F04022940N
Fewer restrictions and more freedom Adjustable color temperature and brightnessThe convenient remote control uses a 2.4-GHz wireless connection and lets you adjust the color temperature and brightness according to your preference.
Short press Turn lights on/off
Long press Computer modes
Rotate Adjust brightness
Press and rotate Adjust color temperature
Easy to assemble and disassemble, handy adjustable features
Magnetic attractionAdjusts up to 25° to effectively prevent glare
Wide-angle pivotThe 40° adjustable axis makes it suitable for curved screens with a thickness of 1–32 mm, with or without a bezel
Metal bodyFeatures a stylish black metal main body
USB Type-C portWhen connected to your computer, the light turns on automatically like magic when your computer is turned on.
Computer power supply
Monitor power supply
Power bank power supply
USB adapter power supply
Adjust to suit your preference in all different scenarios
Leisure and entertainment No glare, all fun
In the stillness of night never feel alone with a warm light beside you
For design work Light with better color rendering can make the difference
For busy work days Softer lighting protects your eyes