Mi Router AX1800

Mi Router AX18005-core WiFi6, now that's fast

Qualcomm 5-core chipset with powerful enterprise-class performancePowerful quad-core CPU, single-core NPU hardware acceleration
4-way independent signal amplifier
Large 256 MB memory
Mesh networking*
Fast WiFi6
Optimized for Mi Smart Home
*For details, see the appropriate sections below
True stability means taking every moment in strideQualcomm 5-core chipset Home router with powerful enterprise-class performance Always stable for ease of mind onlineQuad-core 64-bit A53 1.2 GHz CPU+ single-core 1.5 GHz NPU module, 130% more computing power *, CPU utilisation less than 10% with 128 connected devices, more powerful data processing, say goodbye to dropping connections and freezing
Independent Network Acceleration Engine Hardware-level acceleration with lower latencySingle-core 1.5 GHz NPU (network acceleration engine), designed to process network data traffic with up to 21% higher throughput and 95% lower CPU utilisation.* Game with your friends while streaming 4K HD video.
Processor manufactured using 14 nm process technology Massive power in a small package Indispensable in a high-end WiFi6 router with low power consumptionIt is easier to integrate, consumes less power, generates 20% less heat,* and is more stable in long-term use than the 28 nm chips used in the industry
Large 256 MB memory Stably connects to 128 devices* Optimized for Mi Smart Home No freezing even with multiple connectionsYou can configure a Mi smart device with the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app when you connect it to the Internet for the first time, so there’s no need to manually enter a password*128 devices is the combined total connections for 2.4G/5G/LAN under laboratory conditions.
Blazing WiFi in the true sense is more than just faster Internet
52% faster theoretical rates Full Gigabit Ethernet ports Enjoy fast WiFi6Up to 52% faster wireless speeds than mainstream AC1200 routers, and up to 1775 Mbps* dual-band concurrent wireless speeds with full Gigabit Ethernet ports, making full use of every megabit of bandwidth.
Mi Router AX1800
Mainstream AC1200
*1775 Mbps is the theoretical maximum wireless signal rates for concurrent 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz dual-band; the actual rate will depend on the environment
Relative increase 52%
WiFi6 core technology OFDMA efficient transmission Reduced network congestion Lower latency and smoother when multiple devices are onlineWhen multiple devices need to transmit data, OFDMA technology allows the router to transmit data to eight devices in one go, reducing network latency by up to 66%.*WiFi6 router that supports OFDMA Able to transmit multiple users’ data simultaneouslyReceivedReceivedReceivedTraditional WiFi5 router Able to transmit one user’s data at a timeReceivingWaitingWaiting*This feature requires the terminal device to support OFDMA. In theory it can cater to eight terminal devices simultaneously. Source: Qualcomm.
Four high-gain omni-directional antennas Precise debugging with a good layout Wider coverage Longer transmission distance4 external 5 dBi high-gain omni-directional antennas. Supports LDPC error correction algorithms to significantly enhance anti-interference capabilities and signal coverage for data transmission.
Supports Mesh networking Powerful interconnection of multiple routers The whole house is seamlessly covered with high-speed WiFi65 GHz WiFi or a network cable can be used for networking; the maximum theoretical transfer rate is 1201 Mbps*, and multiple routers can connect in star or chain formation, or as a mixed wired/wireless network. If there are any changes to routing devices in the network, you can manually re-network to ensure a stable network experienceSupports multiple Mi Router AX1800 networks. Supports up to four router networks"*1201 Mbps is the maximum transfer rate for 5 GHz WiFi wireless networking. *This feature is to be upgraded by July 14, 2020 to support up to four router networks *The terminal must support the 802.11k/v protocol. The actual user experience depends on the terminal configuration and the actual environment
Six major technical supports
BeamformingDirectional enhanced signal for greater coverage
BSS ColouringDramatically improved anti-interference capabilities
Two bands integrated into one bandAutomatically selects the best frequency
WPA3Next-generation WiFi security standards
MU-MIMOSmoother Internet access for multiple users
IPv6Network protocols better suited for the 5G era
More familiar, more intelligent Easy to manage any time, any place
Internet settings that both parents can configureQuick and easy Internet settings Simple enough for parents to use
Real-time notifications of unauthorized access to the networkFound out when intruders access your network It can send you notifications Supports one-touch blacklisting from your phone
Powerful cooling for stable operation at all timesLarge aluminium heat sinks and highly conductive thermal paste are used, and the upper and lower panels have cooling channels for good air convection, ensuring reliable, long-term operation of the machine.
Rigorous testing in pursuit of excellence in qualityWe work with renowned test equipment manufacturers, such as Spirent and lxia, to simulate in large-scale tests the extreme conditions various household scenarios to ensure that the router can operate stably under a variety of conditions.
Power supply stability test≥ 220,000 timesFour scenarios and 20 prototypes’ cumulative times powered on and off
Hardware structural reliability testing≥ 54 timesDrop test, impact test, vibration test
Flash memory reliability test≥ 100,000 timesFlash continuous read and write test
Memory stress test≥ 180,000 times20 prototypes’ cumulative number of read and write
Testing multiple devices online at the same time128 devicesCombined access under laboratory conditions
Hostile environmental test≥ 1000 hoursSix scenarios and four prototypes’ cumulative tests
*The product images on the above pages are for illustrative purposes only. The physical product may vary slightly, please refer to the actual product *Tests on increased CPU power compared to Mi Router 4A Gigabit Edition. Source: Xiaomi Laboratory’s CPU Power Report *Data on throughput increase and reduction of CPU utilisation compared to Mi Router AX1800 before and after turning on and off the NPU. Source: Xiaomi Laboratory’s Redmi Router AX5 Test Report. *Thermal data compared to CPU temperature when a 28 nm chip is operating in the same environment. Source: Xiaomi Laboratory's Chip Temperature Test Report *The data on connecting 128 smart devices is from Xiaomi Laboratory’s Mi Router AX1800 Test Report *Theoretical coverage increase compared to the Mi Router 4A Gigabit Edition. Source: Xiaomi Laboratory’s Signal Theoretical Coverage Report *Theoretical rate increase compared to the Mi Router 4A Gigabit Edition. Source: Mi Router AX1800 Test Report *Network latency reduction data compared to the Mi Router 4A Gigabit Edition. Source: Mi Router AX1800 Test Report *The data for the power supply stability test, hardware structural reliability test, memory stress test, hostile environment test, and Flash memory reliability test are from Xiaomi Laboratory’s Routing Reliability Test Report *The content and features shown on the previous pages are not guaranteed to be permanent and may change in line with copyright, business or technical conditions. A separate notification will not be sent in case of any changes. The actual product content and features shall prevail.