Mi 5-Blade Electric Shaver Replacement Head

Mi Electric Shaver Replacement Head 5-BladeIntegrated, floating blade headFive blades, three blade typesMagnetic-attraction for easy removal and cleaning

*This product is a consumable intended only for use with the Mi 5-Blade Electric Shaver/Replacement Head
Five blades, three blade types
Deep bionic foil shaver x2Voronoi® (Thiessen Polygon)* ultra-thin foils are modelled after the polygonal pattern structure of a dragonfly's wing. Just 55 μm thick, they precisely conform to the contours of your face. The blade cuts hairs at the root and distributes friction evenly as it glides across the skin, providing a smooth and comfortable shaving experience without extra effort.
Precision lifting blade x1Deep-reaching to cleanly cut curly and soft hairs growing close to the skin's surface.
Curved blades for long hairs x2Featuring curved U-shaped slots to efficiently capture and cut hairs of all different lengths.
30° ultra-sharp angled blade Cut each hair at the rootThe precision inner blade is made of high-quality stainless steel with a sharp 30° angle and a scientifically designed blade edge for enhanced cutting performance and durability. Trim hairs quickly with no need to go over the same area twice. Exceptional durability and wear-resistance.*This image is for illustrative purposes only. Please refer to the actual product. Accurate to within ±5°.
Magnetic-attraction shaver headAutomatic snap into placeThe magnetic-attraction shaver head can be fitted in either direction and snaps into place automatically, making it easily removable for easy cleaning.
Assembly and disassembly instructionsPull the blade head upwards vertically to remove and push the blade head downwards to install. Blade heads should only be removed and replaced when the electric shaver is powered off, and may be fitted in either direction