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A professional take

Great photos are taken anytime, anywhere. That's why the 13MP 2nd gen Sony IMX214 CMOS sensor comes with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) to compensate for handheld movements, giving you sharp images even in low lighting. The 4MP front shooter brightens up smiles too, with large 2μm pixels to let more light in. It's 66% larger than the 1.2μm pixels found in average sensors and comes with Beautify, which intelligently applies one of 36 smart filters for amazing selfies.

  • 13
  • f / 2.0
  • OIS
    Optical Image Stabilization
  • Pro 14 bit

Fast and steady

Sony camera with optical image stabilization

When taking low-light photos, even the slightest handheld vibrations can cause blurring. Mi Note's solution to this is a professional-grade OIS. The built-in gyroscope detects the slightest trembles and a powerful image stabilization processor compensates for this. It controls the camera’s VCM motor to ensure images stay sharp and clear.

  • Gyroscope
    Detects vibrations
  • Image stabilization IC
    Compensates for movement
  • VCM motor
    Controls camera
    to stabilize image
Flash a smile
The Philips two-tone flash assesses room color temperature and intelligently calculates the amount of cool whites and warm yellows to mix and emit when the flash goes off. Its score of 93 on the Color Rendering Index is nearly twice that of previous generation flashes. Combined with dual-frame synthesis flash technology, taking photos with flash has never looked this natural.
1/50 f/2.0 ISO 100 HDR. Taken with Mi Note. View full image
Professional features so you can shoot for the sky
Quick and easy access to professional camera features including a hand quick exposure adjustment, burst shooting, and voice control.
  • Manual mode
    Simple icons and sliders let you adjust white balance, focus, shutter speed, exposure time and ISO on the screen as you frame the shot.
  • Flash Torch
    To prevent pictures from being overexposed, keep the flash on while you gauge the best distance and angle to take the shot.
  • Quick exposure adjustment
    Tap anywhere on the screen and slide the quick exposure wheel to choose one of 12 exposure values (EV). This adjusts brightness and shadow settings in real-time.
  • Auto HDR
    Automatically determines if HDR is required given the current light conditions and takes photos with high dynamic range.
  • Night image stabilization
    Compensates for any movement of the camera while taking long-exposure nocturnal shots, for clearer images in low light conditions.
  • Burst mode
    Fires off up to 10 shots per second, so you never miss a single frame of the action.
Incredibly long 32-second exposure
Capture spectacular skylines and light trails with up to 32 seconds of manual exposure. Customize all aspects of the shot including white balance, ISO, shutter speed and focus. Shutter options now range from 1/1000 to 32 seconds, which is the largest range we've ever fitted into a smartphone.
2s f/2.0 ISO100 HDR. Taken with Mi Note. View full image
Tracking Autofocus
Locks on to fast-moving objects
Stop things in their tracks. Lock in and stay focused on fast-moving objects like skateboards, vehicles, and pets with Tracking Autofocus. Tap the display with two fingers to activate, and slide to adjust the focal area. It's our way of helping you get the perfect jump shot.
  • Step 1: Tap the display with 2 fingers
  • Step 2: Adjust size and position of focal area
1/100 f/2.0 ISO100 HDR. Taken with Mi Note. View full image
Supersized pixels
Each pixel on the 4MP front camera sensor measures 2 microns - nearly twice the size of typical front cameras. Bigger pixels deliver more detail, more brightness and less noise. It’s a more effective way of increasing image quality than simply increasing pixel count. So whether you’re taking selfies or video calls, it’s bound to show you off in the best light.
  • f / 2.0
  • 2μm
Mi Note's 2μm large pixel front camera captures more detail.
Beautify, the secret sauce
for amazing selfies
Put your best face forward with Beautify, a built-in tool that intelligently guesses age and gender in order to apply one of 36 smart filters. These subtle filters even out skin tone, banish blemishes, and give you an all-natural glow.
A new age of cinematography
4K Ultra HD video
Be inspired to film and share your experiences with friends and family as you go through life in real time. Mi Note’s 13MP camera with optical image stabilization records 30fps video at both 4K (3840 x 2160) or 1080p resolutions.
  • Manual focus
  • Quick exposure adjustment