Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro

A richer music experience
Dynamic + balanced armature drivers
Metal sound chamber, 20-step process

One set of headphones,
two different sounds

  • Balanced
    armature driver
    Richer treble
  • Dynamic
    Deeper bass
  • Balanced
    sound sample

  • Dynamic driver
    sound sample

  • Hybrid driver
    sound sample

Plug in headphones and click to listen to the simulated sound samples 1

Hybrid dynamic + balanced armature drivers for amazing detail

Emotive detail in-between layers of a song are often lost when you use headphones with either a dynamic or balanced armature driver. In attempt to create a more precise listening experience, we placed two drivers into one single set of headphones. This produces a sound clarity across a wider audio range. Bass and mid tones are kept mellow with a dynamic driver, perfect for bringing out the drums and bass. Yet high notes for the main melody retain rich detail with a balanced armature driver. It's time to rediscover the nuances in your favorite song, just plug in Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro.

Balance armature

Balance armature: A patented2 driver to let high notes sing

The patented balanced armature driver produces greater fidelity even for faint, high notes in a song. It has been redesigned with a higher sensitivity, better transient reponse and lower distortion for high frequency sounds. Independently researched and developed, we used high precision assembly techniques to create a lighter, more compact balanced armature driver. The drive rod is solder-attached to the driver for a studier structure and steadier sound. We also added a capacitive divider to allow the driver to operate naturally, connecting high, mid and bass notes. The balanced armature driver enhances your music's expressive power so high notes are enchantingly clear and drum beats blend better into the music. Rediscover the little details in your favorite music, like the breathing techniques of singers as they take their next breath.

  • Patented
    hybrid driver
  • Capacitive voltage divider
    Precision tuned

Dynamic: Aerospace-grade metal diaphragm for a resonating bass

Voices and instruments have sounds that reside mostly in the mid and bass ranges. In order to deliver a superior sound in the mid and bass ranges, we sandwiched3 an aerospace-grade metal composite layer inbetween two PET layers. This preserves the outstanding treble responses of metal, while improving richness in the lower ranges thanks to the incredible flexibility of PET. This breakthrough design in Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro provides balanced output and superior definition across the entire frequency range.

  • Bass to mid range
    Balanced fidelity
  • Optimized sound quality
    Patented sandwich design
  • Metal composite

Acoustic tuning by four-time Grammy award winning tuner

A good set of headphones bridges composers and their listeners. To produce an exceptional acoustic tuning, we used various scientific tuning and calibration methods such as the Klippel high-speed scanning vibrometer system. The Klippel system simulates recordings with a dummy head to identify the most ideal acoustics. Improvements are then made to the headphones structure based on the data received.

On top of this, we also invited four-time Grammy award winning tuner, Luca Bignardi, to perform a subjective acoustic tuning for Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro. He believes a good set of headphones is one designed for the majority and bases his tuning on this belief so everyone can come to truly appreciate music.

  • Cavity structure
  • Kilppel
    vibrometer tests
  • Dummy head acoustic
    curve test simulation
  • Grammy master
    subjective acoustic tuning
No one in the world has perfect hearing. Yet even though we hear differently, our human nature and emotions are similar. A good sound is universal and conveys feelings embedded in music. This the philosophy i used when tuning Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro.
Everyone has the right to enjoy good music and our intention in designing Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro is to make this possible for even more people to enjoy excellent acoustics that hybrid driver headphones can bring.
All headphones should be comfortable while cutting off external noise so you can fully enjoy the listening experience. These are the two most basic elements in any good headphones. My first impression of the Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro put simply, is comfort and enjoyment.
I sing to express myself. When i first used Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro to listen to my own songs, the emotions I felt were so real I thought for a moment that I was talking to myself.
  • Luca Bignardi Four-time Grammy award winning music producer and recording master
  • Qiu Shijia Senior Acoustics Expert, Director of 1MORE Acoustics R&D Center
  • Zhang Youdai Radio Personality and Music Host
  • Li Rizhan Artiste

Rediscover your favorite song

A good sound has the ability to bring out our emotions. After multiple acoustic tunings, both objective and subjective, the Mi In-Ear Heapdhones Pro has the ability to bring out expressions and nuances in your favourite song. Listen to it with a fresh perspective, and fall in love like you did at the first listen.

  • Rock
  • Folk /
  • Clear
    Female Vocals
  • R&B
  • Easy listening
Great audio resolution makes it possible to distingush different musical instruments in a rock tune. The dynamic driver keeps drum beats strong and clear even when the bass kicks in. Electric guitar solos and vocals are vividly clear with the balanced armature driver.
For folk and country music, accompanying instruments are kept minimal as soulful vocals take centrestage. Low, mid and high frequency equalizations convey crisp guitar strums along with deep, soothing vocals.
The dynamic driver realistically presents the warmth in a singer's voice while the balanced armature driver enhances musical overtones and the soprano range. Pure, bright trebles allow female vocals to shine.
The responsiveness and sensitivity of the balanced armature driver works particularly well in bringing out R&B beats while keeping vocals crisp and clear. Audio optimizations on the dynamic driver produce discernable rhythms for you to groove to.
If you're looking to relax with a book, Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro is great for easy listening. Excellent resolution pronounces textures and structures of each instrument clearly and with a wide audio range. From the bass of a cello to trebles on a violin, you'll be fully immersed in your own world.

Metal sound chamber
crafted in a 20-step process

Features metallic elements like in previous Mi In-Ear Headphones. Creating the metal sound chamber is a 20-step process that involves diamond cutting, CD engraving, drawing and anodising a piece on aluminum. It is resistant to wear and discoloration even with prolonged use. Its ergonomic curves have been carefully conceptualized for utmost comfort, while looking polished and trendy.

  • CNC Technology

    Integrated diamond cut finish with up to 0.01mm precision that creates a delicate touch.

  • Detailed CD pattern

    Fine, detailed 0.14mm grains add a textured metallic luster similar to CD discs.

  • Quality inspections

    Each process is manually inspected to ensure components are smooth, textures are uniform, and chamfers are created consistently.

Military-grade fiber cable, extremely durable
and break-resistant

  • MEMS microphone reduces noise interference

    Compact and small, the MEMS microphone has a 58dB(A) signal to noise ratio that delivers better voice quality and lesser noise interference even when located further from your mouth. The wired remote comes with three sleek buttons for answering calls, music playback and volume adjustment. Volume buttons not supported on iOS devices.

  • Military-grade fiber cable, extremely durable and break-resistant

    Strong, break-resistant DuPont™ Kevlar® fibers protect wiring and extend its lifespan, while braided sleeving prevents tangling. The end sections are sheathed in TPE to reduce friction with clothing, preventing an annoying “stethoscope effect” or noise interference.

*DuPont™ and Kevlar® are trademarks or registered trademarks of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.

Nothing beats listening in comfort

Headphones should always be comfortable even when worn for long periods. We've included 3 different ear bud sizes (XS/S/L) so that you can find the perfect fit. High quality silicone is used to prevent skin irritation. The perfect fit is one that closes off the ear canal to environmental noise. The ear buds rest delicately on your ear, and your skin should not come into contact with the cold metal piece. Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro have been so perfectly crafted and angled for comfort, you might even forget that you're wearing them.

  • Quality silicone ear buds
    Available in 3 sizes
  • Angled in-ear design
    Comfortable, anti-slip

Over 700 reliability tests for durability

Far surpassing industry standards, Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro have been rigorously tested in over 700 reliability tests. They have been subjected to vibration, heat and loading tests that simulate real-life scenarios, as well as extreme high and low temperature tests, to guarantee their performance and excellent durability.

  • 1. Digital filters were used to simulate sounds produced by dynamic, balanced armature, and hybrid drivers
  • 2. Hybrid Driver Structure Patent Number:2014*****895.9
  • 3. Sandwich Diaphragm Structure Patent Number:2015*****105.9
Mi In-Ear
headphones pro
Product Model Number QTER01JY
Type of Headphones In-ear
Wired control Available
Colors Silver
Conductor Material Enameled Copper Wire
Speaker Impedance 32Ω
Weight 14g
Cable Length 1.25m
Sensitivity 101dB
Jack Type 3.5mm Gold Plated
Rated Power 5mW
Standards GB/T 14471-2013
Frequency Response 20-20,000Hz
Package Contents A set of Mi In-Ear headphones pro | 3 sets of ear buds, each with a different size(XS/S/L)