Redmi Note 10 Pro

Pro Display Pro Cameras

6GB + 64GB at ৳ 25,999
6GB +128GB at ৳ 26,999

* This data was obtained from Xiaomi Laboratory. Actual results may vary slightly depending
on the environment.
* 5020mAh refers to the typical value of Redmi Note 9 battery capacity.
* Charging speed data was obtained from Xiaomi Laboratories. Actual results may vary due
to differences in charging cable, charging adapter, software version, environment, and model
* Battery standby time is tested by measuring the time of the smartphone reaching 0% power
from 100% under a test scenario. Test results are collected from Xiaomi lab. Actual results may
vary as a result of environmental changes.
* Clear phone calls even in noisy environments refers to simulated noisy environments in
Xiaomi labs.
* FOV of the ultra wide-angle lens is 108° after distortion correction.
* When shooting buildings, landscapes or other places the intelligent scene recognition
function prompts the user to activate ultra-wide angle mode. Ultra wide-angle mode must
be activated manually.
* The term "Full Screen Display" indicates that the phone has a high screen-to-body ratio in
comparison to traditional Xiaomi phones. The screen-to-body ratio was obtained from
Xiaomi laboratory. The results may vary as methods of measurement may vary within the
* The ordinary phones used for comparison are Redmi's own phones. Information on this
product website comes from our lab data, design and technology parameters, and data
provided by vendors. Actual circumstances may differ slightly depending on the test software
version, the specific test environment, and the specific version. Images on this page are
illustrations (including but not limited to images of the phone appearance, color and
dimensions) and the design of the real product may differ
* Due to ongoing technology upgrades and production batch timings, some product specs
may slightly differ.